Can i re-install my old Winodows vista (HP)


Recently i bought a motherboard and a CPU for my old HP Pavilion. I don't have a CD for windows vista and i will be using my old HDD. Can i somehow use my old windows from my HDD without a need of buying new OS or HDD?i have a recovery partition on my hard drive is that gonna help in some way? or should i burn recovery DvDs then format my hard drive and use them?!its all confusing :pfff:
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  1. you can try to do the recovery dvds but most likely it will not work as the system recovery will only work with the original equipment provided by HP. You will want to do a fresh installation of windows. If you dont want to buy a new OS you can try the Windows 8 consumer preview for free or you can download and install Ubuntu or Fedora linux.
  2. In a word no you can't - well not easily. Better option would b to torent a full retail copy of the windows version you have a license for and install it using the Product key that should be stuck to your PC somewhere
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