$800-900 build for a friend

Hey Guys....long time no see, been busy lately

A friend of mine was looking for a new build and though I would just give him the same as mine, his budget is a little more. So I've been doing some research and this is what I got:

Case: He has an Antec 900

I found this bundle and LOVE IT....I was going to sell that mobo and get a nice P35, but that is an amazing price for that PSU/CPU.

Mobo: P5K-E
Chose this cause I've seen amazing overclocks with a Q6600 with it. Is there a major difference between this one and the WiFi version or just the cooling (like the mosfets on this one)

GPU: He has a 7900GS. Going to wait for 10 series and RV770s.

Memory: unsure here...I have multiple options. I like Crucial (good experience with mine) so I chose between those
1) Crucial (2) 2x1 (total 4) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820148076 (same price as non LED)
2) Crucial 2x2 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820148183
The only difference is 2 sticks versus 4. Is there a main difference. Some say 4 sticks = bad overclocking and stability issues but the 4 sticks is $30 cheaper and has COOL LEDs!!!

Optical: Samsung SH-203B
Like mine...good performance, pretty quiet

Hard Drive: Main problem is idk how big a drive he wants. Going to get a good Seagate or WD. Will update ASAP

Cooling: TRUE, fans, and a fan controller

Mouse: Logitech MX-518 (getting from a friend for $20)

Just wanted the build to be double checked. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. well since you're one of the more experienced posters around here, i don't think you'll be getting many negatives, but that said, good build. Very good build
  2. Hey Silver, how ya been? So if you get that bundle with the board are you keeping it? From what I've read, Ballistix are no longer double density but I haven't used any recently to confirm this. I am finishing a build with Team Xtreme ram and so far it's just as good maybe better, I've found my new favorite ram. If you're doing 4 gig, go 2X2
  3. No, if I got the bundle I was going to sell the board and get that P5K-E...I know its a hassle but its a great deal for that CPU and PSU.

    What do u mean by "double density"?
  4. There are chips on both sides of the ram. Don't know the details, like you I've been real busy and haven't had time to check this out closer, but I read somewhere they'e using different chips. The Team Xtreme is also Micron and so far it works real good.
  5. Isnt Crucial the consumer version of Micron...i dont think the chips changed. But if so, the 2x2s still overclock quite well.

    My main deal was whether getting 2x2 gave u anything more like stability or overclocking because 4x1 is cheaper ($30) and u get cool LEDs (worthless but still cool)
  6. Do you really need a 1000w PSU?
    You can Get the Q6600 for Under $200 at Fry's last I looked.

    That means $300 for the Mobo and PSU.
    Something like the PCP&C 610 is $120 from their website.
    w/o Shopping I'm sure there are better deals around.

    OCing won't be an issue on the Q6600.
    DDR2-800 will get it to 3.6Ghz.
  7. Yes you are correct about micron/crucial and the issue I mentioned was on the 1 gig stick, from what I've read, the 2 gig are doing good. I'm not real impressed with that combo deal either, considering you can get the CPU cheaper, as mentioned, and can pick up a Corsair VX550 for $60 after rebate here;
  8. I didn't think that combo deal was very good either.

    GA-P35-DS3L + Q6600 + ~$100 quality PSU would be money better spent.
  9. Thanks for the reviews guys....but

    1) The DS3L does not have the right power regulators to get to a decent overclock with a quad. A dual yes, but the quad needs more regulation for what I want.

    2) For the PSU, I want modular. I know its xtra money, but that Antec is small and I dont know what "I" would do w/o it. So does he need 1000w, No, but it was there. Also he wants something to last...big with ample Amps so it doesnt need to be replaced.
  10. Why not go with this Psu or it's 620 watt brother;

    Are you buildin' this for you or someone else?
  11. He clearly stated this build was for a friend in his original post.

    Silverion77, you say that the power regulators on the GA-P35-DS3L cannot allow for decent overclocks on a quad.
    Can you link to any articles/reviews that support that claim?
    I'm not trying to be argumentative, I am thinking of using that in a future build that would include a Q6600. So I would like to know as much about it as possible.
  12. The reason I went with that deal is that its $500 for cpu/mobo/and a really good PSU. I sell the mobo for ~$100. Thats $400 for a $250 processor and $150 for the PSU. Now that just seems really good to me for a 1000W 70A full modular psu, but maybe theres something better. I just saw for $150 separately for a PSU gets u about 600-750 Watts so I thought the xtra power would be nice. Dont need it but who cares.

    No articles, just fact. The DS3L has 4 power regulators I believe. Thats fine for a dual core, but for a quad its okay, but u wont get the best Q6600 overclocks. The P5K-E or other higher end Asus' have 8. That means more stable power which quads need.
  13. evilshuriken said:
    He clearly stated this build was for a friend in his original post.

    I know this! Just sounds to me like the build may be for himself by the way some of the statements are worded.
  14. Sorry, everything I state is in agreement with him....Its just weird to write something in 3rd person. HE wants this and HE wants that, its easier for me to use I :kaola:
  15. Not a problem, could just be me too, these 12 hr workdays are startin' to work on this ole'man a little.
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