New 1TB HD!!!

I'm looking to get a new 1TB hard drive.

eSATA 3Gb's (must have esata, but esata/usb is also a plus)
External OR Internal with EXT Enclosure
7200+ RPM
Price range: Around $100
Most important is reliability, and then performance!

I've been looking around on tigerdirect and newegg.
I have found some greats deals, especially on Fantom brand HD's.
I just don't necessarily trust the brand, anyone have experience?

I'm a second away from buying this Cavalry CAXE:
and i found it for 10 bucks less after rebate:
However I dono if the one comes with warranty... :fou:

I'd appreciate some ideas, for internal+ext enclosures.
Even externals, although i know most of em.
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  1. There's nothing special in a eSATA enclosure besides a reliable power adapter to provide power to HDD as it's just SATA-eSATA without anything in between besides the cable. For USB to SATA/IDE enclosure, where there's a conversion controller in between, that's where it matters.
    Just look for one that's cheap and provides best protection against shock.
  2. i thint this guy is trying to get an ext hdd
    i would recommend this hdd
    and this enclosure
    another good hdd is the wd caviar black
  3. Thanks
    Yeah i've looked at all those.
    I was thinking about the caviar black.
    I read about the rosewill though and some say the fan is loud.
    I already have a loud enough computer to keep me up at night, considering this will be on most of the time, i need silence.
    Fan is probably not an option.
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