Whats the best Samsung 22" LCD for gaming + everything else ?

got $450 in giftcards for best Buy Canada, which LCD is best please help i dont have a clue whats best for me?

I think LCDs are great investments as they last a long long time. I like Samsung but will take anything thats superior for that money

Please look at this link to best buy canada monitors:
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  1. I have a 226bw and have absolutely no complaints. 2ms response time. 3000:1 contrast ratio.
  2. I have a 226BW also. However, having done more research (after buying the monitor, of course) it seems there were/are issues with the screens being contracted out to other companies. The monitors that have "subcontractor" parts may or may not be as good as the completely Samsung monitors.

    Personally, I have no complaints about my own 226BW, aside from a degree of annoyance with the whole fiasco and the fact Samsung removed the telltales from the monitors that let you tell whether or not your particular monitor was a Samsung-built or subcontracted one.

    Samsung does have a new 22" monitor on the market that is supposed to be quite good. I believe it is the 2232BW or GW. That might be a better choice if it is in your price range.
  3. In Bestbuy Canda seems only "Samsung SyncMaster 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor (226CW)" is good for gaming and with both D-SUB and DVI input.
  4. why would someone need vga if dvi is better apparently...

    and i found out that the 226CW is older than the 2232BW
  5. andrei3333 said:
    why would someone need vga if dvi is better apparently...

    and i found out that the 226CW is older than the 2232BW

    If compare with 2253BW and 226CW, I would prefer 2253BW. unfortunately your Bestbuy Canda doesn't have 2253BW. If compare with 2232BW and 226CW, I would recommend 226CW because of Wide Color Gamut on 226CW. Besides 2232BW is not newer than 226CW as 2232BW first available on August 2007 while 226CW first available on Oct 2007.
  6. ok the 226CW is 399 and the 2232BW is 339 regular and if the price goes down within a month they will adjust it for me....

    all these 22" samsungs are very similar, you really think its worth to pay 65 dollars more for this one feature ?
  7. for this money you can almost get a samsung 2493HM, which I can guarantee you will do much better in games than ANY 22", assuming you PC can run games in HD of course.
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