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Im not to knowledgeable about WinTV cards and stuff. But i just put a WinTV card in my new machine, from my old one that came with it. I started my computer up and it found new hardware just couldnt find any software for it. It said "NTCS 44801" on the card it, i have been trying to find software on the internet for this type but i cant find any.. Im not even sure if theres any out there for download.

Well anyway. If anyone knows where i can install software for this card i would be very, very happy :P
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  1. If it's such an ancient card that you can't find drivers for, it probably won't perform much better than whatever onboard you have. Pretty much pointless. And what happens once you upgrade to Vista or go 64bit? Buy a new one. :p
  2. this one worked for my WinTv card (ntsc - 44801 REV D126)
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