Any body have any exp with OpenBox MBs from Newegg?

I'm thinking about replaceing my Gigabyte DS3L with this .

It's an open box item and the non wifi open box version is $20 more. Seems fishy.

Please advise.
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  1. I have no experience w/ an open box mobo, but I figured I would share my opinion anyways :-). Of all compenents, I wouldn't buy an open box mobo for two reasons. First, it has a thousand different chips on it, nb, sb, sata, memory controller, etc. so if any one of those things failed it's out. Second, why would someone open a motherboard up, look at it, and send it back......if you don't need it, you're not going to open it. I find it more likely that something malfunctioned and they just sent it back without reporting it. Use your own judgement.
  2. The open box MB is not guaranteed to to have all the the componets and assessories that would be in an original factory sealed box. The MB might be ok but missing some of the goodies. I wouldn't get one.
  3. I know about the risks and missing parts. Thanks for the posts.

    I want somebody with a positive experience to post.
  4. You coulda specified that in your first post and saved the trouble... Why not go for it, they have a return policy for refund only so at least you'd get your money back if it didn't work. But like others have said, it's the motherboard... the most integral part of your computer. I could see getting an open box OEM dvd drive or something but not a motherboard.
  5. The name of the thread indicates that I'm looking for someone with experience. Thanks though.

    I re-read new eggs policy. Seem I wouldn't even get the Asus warranty. So I'll just buy new.
  6. imho the cost savings is not worth the risk. the unit was returned for some reason. chances are high that the reason was that the purchaser had a problem with it.
  7. I bought a newegg open box long ago for socketA, and it worked as new but did not come with the i/o shield but I eventually found one that fit. It was a $19 pc chips m811lu and it has been one of the fastest athlonxp mobo's i have used, of about 12.
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