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I'm really surprised that I couldn't find many forum threads about this issue. Anyway, my Seagate 7200.11 just failed on me. I've initiated the return request and plan on mailing my hard drive away to Seagate sometime this week. I can't help but feel a bit paranoid though, how do I know my personal data is safe? I have personal documents, saved passwords, burned dvds/games stored on my PC. Can I trust Seagate not to divulge any of this information? If anyone has an opinion on this matter, please provide your input, thanks!
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  1. AFAIK companies like Seagate resell them as refurbished if a fix is possible (which for 7200.11 failed via firmware it's possible) they do a basic zero-fill wipe as a policy. Whether that policy is carried out by their employees we don't know as there have been news recently of companies that does said job professionally for enterprises that failed to wipe them before being resold. You just have to have faith in them I guess.

    E-mail/contact them about it just to be sure.

    Of course it's still possible to recover data from a zero-wipe with insanely expensive equipment, but I don't think that'll be an issue.
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