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I have several problems-when windows loads I get hpfsched application not found. I also can't add or remove programs or look at system information. I suspect a virus but when I try to run malware, exe programs, I get an ''open with'' message. Help!
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  1. The most common occurrence of that file is part of HP printer software.
    That little program is there to remind you to clean your cartridges.
    It must be broken if it won't run and nag you.

    Try to run malwarebytes from a command window.
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    Hi Grumpy,

    In less than five minutes you solved a problem I'd been struggling with for two weeks. TY TY

  5. No problem! Glad I was able to help.
  6. The link above for also enabled to fix a problem.
    I had a virus that I was able to block the execution of and allow system access, but the virus broke EXE association.
    I created a blank html file which allowed me to open my browser and download the tool above.
    Running the tool (by just double clicking it from explorer) fixed the file assocation issue and allowed me to proceed with cleaning out the infected files.
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