Need help in choosing good case cooling fans

I Need help in choosing good case cooling fans for the CM Stacker 830.
need your recommendations
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  1. cant i only use 120x25 fans for the side panel of the CM stacker 830 ?
  2. I would always recommend the Silverstone Suscool 121 fan. It has no flashing lights or anything like that but is very reliable and quiet.

    Plus I think it looks cool. :p
  3. wheres the first place I should think of putting the fan at?
    Side ? Bottom? top? Front?
    I'm building my fist pc just to let you know
  4. Lets say I get 4x 120mm fans, where should I put them?
  5. I have the 832 which is pretty much the same case. I'm using 6 fans
    front - in
    top & back - out
    two side panel toward the front of the case - in
    lower side panel toward the back of the case - out

    The upper side back spot is empty to fit my Ultra 120 Extreme

    This setup works good for me because I have a 8800GT and the two lower side fans are directly next to it so the one toward the front is sucking cool air toward it's intake and the lower rear is removing it's hot exaust.

    With 4 fans I would use the front, top, back and lower front side. Keep in mind that the case is basically a big screen so be mindful of the dB level of the fans because unlike some cases with noise dampening there is nothing to quiet them down.
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