Glitch with audio, MOBO problem?

Hello everyone,

OK heres the problem. Every 30 sec to 5 min the sound "stutters" and also there is a short system freeze/lag of about .5-1 second.

This started after I recently cleaned out my computer, took out fans and video card and cleaned them (dry rag and air can, Air only on video card). After reconnecting everything the glitch started.

*EDIT: this mobo has onboard sound, i dont have a pld PCI soundblaster card to plug in and check if that fixes it*

Steps ive taken so far: I have taken out the ram and tested each stick by its self. Took out the video card and reseated it. Uninstalled drivers and reinstall them. Pluged audio into each Audio Out port. Ran Prime95 to test the CPU overnight (~8 hrs) with no errors /lockups.

I dont know what else to do. I dont want to buy a new MOBO and/or CPU if i dont need to. Any suggestions out there?

System Specs:
CPU: E6600
Video Card: GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB
RAM: OCZ Platinum 1GBx2 2GBs DC DDR2 1066
Motherboard: eVGA 680i
HD:2xWD 160GB SATA 3.0Gb/s
OS: Windows XP Pro

Thanks in advance.

PS, Im looking at the ABIT IP35 Pro MOBO and the intel E8400 Wolfdale Chip if i need to replace anything. Any thoughts on that choice?
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  1. Does this behavior happen when you're playing games or doing something in particular...or just while the PC is idle?
  2. This happens when listening to music, videos, and games. (sorry forgot to say this. I wrote the first post out 1 time and then the form decided not to post it and i had to retype it all :(
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