How much can i overclock an amd x2 4600+?

I have it at stock each core running on 2.4 ghs. They each have a 512 L2 cache. It also is a 939 socket I believe but would the motherboard even matter?
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  1. when I run speedfan it says my temperature is 43C for gpu, temp1 is 23C, temp2 is 37C, temp3 is 25C, Temp with the check mark is 43C, and core is 34C.
  2. If you have a Gateway computer you will not be able to overclock the CPU. There are usually no options in the bios to overclock pre-built systems like Gateway, Dell, etc.
  3. how come?
  4. but why would they restrict it? Also what companies allow overclocking I mean every single person on this forum claims to be overclocked soa re you saying every single person on here built their own?
  5. yeah thats exactly what hes saying.......we all bought our own parts and we all invested our own time to build our machines. pre-configured PCs like Dell and Comcrap and HP.....they are made to run stock.......if you swap the motherboard out with a decent board.....then you'll be able to OC

    and each CPU really has its own sweet all the depends on the hardware ur using. im able to hit 3.2GHZ with my X2 5000+ BE (2.6GHZ stock) can i go higher.....maybe with the proper cooling and the right ram.
  6. so you wasted all that time and effort just to build a pc that you probably overpaid (due to having to order individual parts) and an operating system for like 100 extra bucks?
  7. you are making it obvious you dont know anything about computers. How much did u buy ur computer for? $1000? $1500?

    with all my parts on my PC I have about $500 tops invested and here are my specs

    Abit Fatality AN9-32X ($65)
    AMD X2 5000+ BE ($45)
    2GB OCZ Gold ($40)
    Radeon HD3850 512MB ($65)
    100GB HDD
    DVD-Rom / CD-RW combo
    DVD Writer
    550W PSU
  8. Pershing121 said:
    so you wasted all that time and effort just to build a pc that you probably overpaid (due to having to order individual parts) and an operating system for like 100 extra bucks?

    Sorry, but that is wrong on sooo many levels. As a matter of fact building our own saves us tons of money. What Dell and Gateway etc don't mention is that THEY overcharge you by sometimes 100's of dollars just because they put it together and must warranty it. Building your own saves you a lot. My computer ranks at $900-1000, to get the same specs from a Dell or Gateway would cost upwards of $1500. And ontop of that I can overclock, and know what I have for parts and am not restricted at all.
  9. Pershing121 said:
    so you wasted all that time and effort just to build a pc that you probably overpaid (due to having to order individual parts) and an operating system for like 100 extra bucks?

    The only price range in which it makes financial sense to get a Dell or HP rather than a home-built system is in the super low-end (sub-$400), where you'll get more for your money from a Dell than you could with a home build. But once you get above like $500, a good home-built system will spank an equivalent Dell or HP.
  10. Couple of quick points. You can bulid your own mid to high level machine for less then the pre-made stuff. On a low end setup, the big boxers can slap those together pretty darn cheap. Building a low ender doesn't add up. As for OC'ing that chip. I have that chip and I can easily hit 2.9 on the stock fan. I don't want to push it any further with just a stock fan.
  11. Well lets see, this is what you get with a Dell or GateWay
    1.) Power Supply - up to 420W (peak= inferior, odd size in some instances and cannot be up-dated or replaced)
    2.) Motherboard - with locked or crippled Bios, little if any OC ablity.
    3.) CPU - adaquate (usually the main selling point, but stuck on stock speeds)
    4.)Memory - value select ( bottom of the barrell, most likely the most inadaquate piece in the build.)
    5.) Video Card - usaully ok ( can play some but not all games, will stream video, and great for surfing the web)
    6.) HardDrive - storage ( whoo hoo, I can have 320 Gigs of clutter I can go thru)
    7.) DVD - I've got 2 $30 bucks a piece.
    8.)Operating System - Vista (know of at least 5 people who didn't like it and switched to Windows.)
    9.) Some Dork - Telling me "Dude You Got A Dell"

    Let me know if I left anthing out.
  12. Dell etc., limit your ability to overclock, so that people like you who really don't know what they are doing don't go and fry the cpu's and such and then claim warranty.

    For those of us who build our own pc's, it's not only cost effective, but it's a great hobby. I know everything about my pc, inside and out, and I love building and modifying computers.

    Also, keep in mind pershing, next time you upgrade (buy a new Dell) you will be paying for Windows yet again.

    And not everyone here has paid for Windows, I know alot of people who prefer Linux (it's free). I prefer to run both.... that way this $400 investment can play Gears Of War cranked without a flinch :)

    Pershing, next time you want a new pc consider building'll save you money, and you'll get a better pc if you do the research.
  13. Arent there utilities from online you can download for overclocking such comps?
  14. Well I paid a pretty low price and am thinking of just upgrading part by part rather than spending a lot at once and having to learn all at once how to built opne I rather just upgrade. I have a weak performances in games no matter how much ram or video card I have due to the processor only being x2 4600+. Since it is a prebuilt Gateway I was wondering if it would be possible to upgrade my processor? Would it be as simple as opening the fan and taking out the old processor and putting the new one in and the fan with heat sink over it and turning the computer on (its that simple for a psu or video card on vista upgrade)? Would I have to play with bios or anything else? I'm completely new to this. I already opened the old processor and put it back in but the screws wont go in all the way on the fan/heat sink due to the size of the holes (Like gateway purposely tried to keep people form upgrading).
  15. Pershing121, lets see if we can breathe a little life into your system. Start by downloading everest 3.50 and /or everest 4.50 (these will be the trial versions so their free)
    Memory will propably give you a boost at lower frame-rates, to help with any studdering/slow down in game play. besides being the cheapest and easiest up-grade.
    Run everest and look in Motherboard>SPD> voltage (example mine is 2.1 v
    Next go to Benchmark> Memory Latency (when you click on it, it will be highlighted in blue) then in the top left-hand corner click the refresh symble this will start the benchmark.
    I need to see your timings (ie... Dual DDR2-800 4-4-4-8 CR2)
    Then we can go from there.
  16. I would be more than happy to help with your upgrade Pershing, and I'm sure most everyone else here would also.

    Typically the biggest performance booster for video games you can make is upgrading your video card....of course RAM is always essential, but I have seen extremely low end cpu's perform miracles with a video card that is doing most of the other work.

    Like fester said, get a program that will tell you all about your hardware, such as cpuid (which is free) and post your specs here.
  17. WiZdoM, you are right about the vid card giving a better boost in performance. I was just afraid that Pershing's power supply may limit the selection.
    So let see some specs and get that thing up and gaming.
  18. I have a 9800 gt and already upgraded to 4 gigs of ram. My ram is pc6400 so it should be 800 mghs and say 400 under Dram frequency but it only reads 200 most of the time under cpu-z utility but sometimes ju,ps back to 400:
  19. I have a Socket AM2 (940) 90nm 1.2V and here are specs of my motherboard:

    I also have a 650 watt power supply I put in it.

    my computer:

    does the cache and fsb (bus) speed/number have to be the same though?
  20. I also upgraded to a 650 watt psu with 3 12V rails at like 20 amps a piece. And I only get like 8300 on 3dmark06 and have a hard time playing crysis on descent settings or gta 4.
  21. Pershing, this is a very easy one... You need a BETTER video card...period. That is your first step..with a better video card and the (slower) RAM you have, even with the stock Motherboard, you will be able to play crysis.

    You will need to buy a very good video much do you want to spend?

    Then, in the future you can upgrade RAM and motherboard...motherboard first with some overclocking abilities to speed up your cpu and RAM...but for now vidcard will do.
  22. a 9800 gt is like a 150 dollar card. I spend 150 bucks on a 1 gig 9800 gt and I bought it recently:
  23. and I have 4 giugs of the fastest ddr2 ram possible (800 mghs). ANd I dont want to upgrade my motherboard, I want to take the current one I have (which is a new one from a computer I recently bought) to its limits in terms of speeds of processors it can support.
  24. Pershing, I think I was typing my response before I saw your post about the 9800GT..

    First, 800mhz is not the fastest possible (but it is on your mobo)...also it sound like maybe you're having a voltage problem if your RAM is jumping from 200Mhz to 400Mhz...not much you can with that mobo...

    Personally, I would get another mobo and overclock the hell out of that processor ;)

    I've got the same processor, but 5000+ black edition overclocked from 2.6Ghz to 3.2Ghz....

    If you're not looking to spend a pile on your mobo...get a Foxconn A74MX-K...great overclocking ability, and runs like a champ for $49 w/free shipping on
  25. Don't take this wrong WiZdoM, you may have missed that he has the 9800GT, which is what I play Crysis with. Although I can't run on the highest settings, but on medium settings I'm running at 50- 60 FRPS, with a 5400 BE.

    Pershing, after looking at your CPU-Z I can see by your Desktop Icons that you may have to many programs running in the backround. You may want to remove seldom used apps. Then run D-Frag. This may take a little time if you haven't done it for a while. then try tightening your memory timings to 4-4-4-12 this could help on low end frame rates.
  26. Oh, and I forgot to mention, that mobo (A74MX-K) will support the AM2+ Phenom with if you decide to upgrade your processor later, you won't be limited to the AM2 only like you are now... :)
  27. Fester, yes I missed the part about the 9800GT (see post above) and the extra RAM...I assumed he had the stock Dell he linked to at first.... but remember he cannot tighten his timings b/c of his mobo
  28. Oh and Fester, I'm running a 8800GTS and max out Crysis no problem...same with Gears Of War and Fallout 3 :)
  29. I just looked at the CPUID pics...that RAM is not rated to run 4-4-4-12 timings anway...atleast not at 800Mhz

    You need a better mobo pershing, then you could easily bring the speed of your RAM up. :)
  30. I dont really want to upgrade a mobo, its a lot more complicated than just a processor upgrade and a lot more room to mess up (parts/trying to fit it in your case, etc.) and it probably costs the same if not more.
  31. I only get like 25 fps on crysis on medium settings
  32. Ya, my bad forgot about the locked bios (DAAHH)
    WiZdom, I see your running your 5000 BE at 3.2 I'm at 3.22 with my 5400. Looks like the 5000 seem to clock a little better than other BE's
    Alota memory will run faster than rated. I'm at 4-4-4-8 @921 on OCZ Reapers. There 8500's rated at 5-5-5-12 (although they are 1066 MHz) 2.0v stock 2.1-2.35v.
  33. I bought this ram and put it on there:

    well the mobo supports 800 mgh ram:

    "# Type: 4 DIMM DDR2 sockets
    # Supported speeds: 800,667,533,400 MHz
    # Expandable up to 4 GB total memory"

    someone on overclockers forum claimed that the ram has to be multiplied by two in the cpu-z dram frequency to get the actual rating.
  34. P 121, 25 FPS is liveable. Don't know if you want to mess with a newCPU if the screws are messed up.
  35. according to nvidia system monitor it is running at 800:
  36. I've heard good things about G.Skills. Decent price, as usual NewEgg.
  37. uncle, whether I use the current cpu or a new one I already messed with it. SOlution Im using is gum to hold the screws in palce since they wont are loose due to the hole being too big on the motherboard (not on fan connected to heatsink over cpu).
  38. Even the memory s lock down on that board?
  39. I cant figure a way to increase the speed of it not through bios at least. Havent messed around with the nvidia control panel much but it might have an option.
  40. Ive decided to overclock my gpu for now, but I am not sure what to concentrate on. SHader clock, core clock, or memory clock? So far I have core clock at 683, memory clock at 970, and shader clock at 1667.
  41. That should be a stable clock on the 9800. I haven' even tried to OC mine just sign in on the step-up (EVGA) gonna get the 260-216 . Don't even want to mess up the 9800 I have now.
  42. so when I upgrade my processor do I have to worry about fsb speeds and number of nm (like 65-nm) to be the same?
  43. AM2+ are all the same pin 940. You will have to look at wattage. 5000 to 5400 are 65w . 5600 are 89w I think the 6000 and 6400 are 125w (if I remember right).
    Part of the reason I went with the 5400 is that it's 65w. but it's OEM does not have a heat-sink. I got a Zalman 9700 when I got it
  44. I dont care about wattage I have a 650 watt psu. So could I put any psu in there as long as it is am2 supported? or are there any other things to look at?
  45. damm all that overclocking was pointless it made my 3dmarkscore even lower or it overloaded the nvidia card to where it throttled and went back to real low benchmark fps. At stock speeds I had 8698 on 3dmark06 and overclocked it went down to 8400 something. Im just real depressed cause I tried upgrading this comp all kinds of ways and still cant play the latest and greatest games on it.
  46. Not sure but I think the MoBo you have will only go upto 95W on theCPU socket. So you would only be able to run a 5400 or a 5600. You may not see much of a gain over the 4600.
  47. Seriously pershing, I would highly recommend a new mobo....seems to me like you're wasting a kickass vidcard on your system. :)

    I was just tinkering with this 8800gts and I've got 510 benchmark on vidcard stablility test....60fps steady on gears of war maxed!

    This on a $49 mobo!

    I'm gonna check crysis right now on medium and see what the fps is.

    Right now my cpu is my bottleneck...even at 3.12Ghz
  48. how would the mobo magically increase fps marks unless I get a cpu with it?
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