First build in 7 years. Please advise.

This is replacing my current AMD 1600XP/GeForce4 TI4400 system. Trying to stay on a near 800 budget. This is a bit over. Already have monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.

1.) Antec Solo Case
2.) Corsair 520HX PSU
3.) Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L MoBo
4.) Intel E8400 CPU
5.) MSI NX8800GT 512MB OC GPU
6.) 2GB DDR800 Kingston Value RAM
7.) WD SE16 320GB 7200RPM SATA
8.) Samsung DVD+/-RW
9.) Windows XP 32bit Personal Edition

Certainly not the high-end rigs other folks are building, but certainly a quantum leap from where I am. I may need to cut costs to get closer to my budget. 8800GT to 8600GTS and/or 520HX to 450VX. I do not overclock, applications vary, but nothing too intensive. Looking to build a solid general purpose system that'll last me 3-5 years ...

May need to add some additional case fans to the Antec, I know it comes with a single 120mm in the rear. Probably just use the stock CPU cooler that comes from Intel.

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  1. Go to and you will find these:

    RAM: 2gb ddr2 800 crucial ballastix : $29

    PSU: Corsair 550VX: $58.

    Voila..your costs are reduced by ~$90 :)
  2. I'd go with this case/psu combo, since it has a energy efficient PSU and has 34A on the 12V rails, which means you can run any single GPU card out on the market!! It's $110 shipped and you get both the case and PSU!
    ANTEC Sonata III Mini Case Retail

    This reduce your build by ~$100 more, so if you combine my case/psu suggestion w/mihirkula's RAM suggestion you'd save about $120 combined.
    Not sure if you already have Windows XP "personal" edition, but I'm betting you were referring to the "Professional" edition, right? You could reduce cost by getting Windows XP home or Vista Home for around $90-$100. Not sure what you have, but that would be something to consider, if your trying to meet your budget.
  3. Thanks for all your quick replies.

    On the RAM, yeah, I should have looked at Crucial's prices. I've used Crucial in my current system, and they were great about the lifetime replacement on it.

    I didn't realize the 550VX was that much cheaper. Aside from the modular cabling, I'm assuming there are some component differences between the 550VX and 550HX, if not a different manufacturer. Does anyone know of any quality differences? I thought the HX was a Seasonic supply, and the VX was someone else.

    I had really considered the Antec Sonata III ... but I was concerned that if I had issues with the PSU and had to RMA it, I'd have to tear down the entire system and ship the whole case/PSU back.

    Oh, when I said "personal" edition, I meant "home". I've not missed having professional much on my current system, although it would be nice to have better ACL control on the files.

    The way my luck goes, at least one component will have to be shipped back ;)
  4. The 520HX is designed by Seasonic, and the 550VX by CWT. They are both very good, quiet, 80%+ efficient. The 550VX is not modular, but it's cheaper. Here's a comparison:
  5. You have a solid little system there. I would go with the Sonata III. For your system, since you aren't overclocking, a super top end PSU isn't really necessary, and the Antec PSU is reliable.

    Either way, think about lowering your processor (E6XXX) and if you can find $30 - 70, change out your HDD for a Seagate 500GB 7200.11 (ST3500320AS) or WD 640GB (WD6400AAKS). Aside from the storage, the performance on both of those disks is much greater than the WD 320GB. In fact, the WD 500GB is a better bet (but the 640GB is much greater).
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