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First I would like to tell you that I don't know if ill be able to respond to this thread later this week ,tomorrow,or even later today because of the stuff thats happening to my computer. I wasn't even sure were to post this question so if an admin could please move it to the correct place it would be much appreciated. So when I started up the computer today i was greeted with a blank black screen and my computer was beeping like crazy (but this has been happening for about a week and i didnt think it was serious until now) so i turn it off and then back on but this time i was greeted with press F5 to run onboard diagnostics F? to do something (can't remember) and F1 to continue. I pressed F1 thinking its ok and to my surprise the next screen said activate windows. :ouch: "Wtf activate windows? ive been running the terrible OS they call vista for over 4 years now. Why do i have to activate it again?" I click continue and the logon icons come up and i click on mines and logon to be greeted yet another time with a black screen ( as a background this time ) and Windows is not Genuine in the lower right hand corner. :heink: not Genuine i bought this prebuilt Pc for $1000 and my windows Vista is not Genuine. ( I haven't pirated it either in case you ask) So could someone tell me how to fix this annoying error and tell me whats wrong with my computer booting and beeping every time i turn it on?
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  1. sounds like a piece of hardware has failed - windows will want to be reactivated with any significant hardware change. That could be just the fact that something appear to be removed yet has in reality failed.
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