Why is cpu-z underrating my idle cpu speed after ocing?

I overclocked my QQ6600 Core 2 Quad (G0 Stepping Revision) to 3.0 Ghz by setting the frequency to 333mhz, and the multiplier to 9. I changed the RAM ratio to 2.00D (which is apparently 400Mhz x 2.00 right? According to the little explanation in my gigabyte bios at least.)

When I open up properties on My Computer it says:
"Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz 3.00GHz"


When I open up CPU-Z it reports the following:

"Core Speed : 1999 MHz"
"Multiplier : x 6.0"
"Bus Speed : 333.1 MHz"
"Rated FSB : 1332.1 Mhz"
"Core Voltage : 1.328V"

My RAM is Corsair Value DDR2 800MHz stock...

My IDLE / LOAD temps are as following:

GPU temp: 43C / 55C
Core 0: 46C / 52C
Core 1: 40C / 53C
Core 2: 40C / 49C
Core 3: 38C / 46C

Does this ALL seem healthy?

I believe CPU-Z is reading it lower because my processor slows down (likely due to a mobo automatic function?) the multiplier when it is not under heavy use, because AFTER I start running WOW and a few other programs it will shoot up to the 3.0Ghz and x9 multiplier.
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  1. You are correct, Speed Step and C1E do that to save power. Everything looks fine.
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