Small motherboard with socket 939 support?

Hi there,

I'm hoping somebody could help ... I'm trying to find a motherboard that has dimensions small enough to fit into a 290 by 208mm (8.2 inches by 11.4 inches)enclosure and have support for a socket 939 athlon X2 processor. I found one by Asus that supports the 939 processor, but it can't handle an Athlon X2 (ASUS A8V-VM SE in case anybody searches and wants a mobo that small). I can't seem to find any socket 939 Flex ATX m/b's.

My main thing is that I want to be able to reuse components from my old PC, so having pc3200 mem support would be awesome! :sol:

Kind regards
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  1. Socket 939 is a discontinued product. Very few new MB's are available from any retailers. Ebay is your best bet.
  2. na
  3. Yeah, I was afraid of that. I wanted to use my old components into a genesis/ sega-cd combo (the old mk1 model which have them mounted on top of each other). I guess I should just start over and get an intel flex ATX to put in there. Not sure what to mod my old system into.

  4. sorry guys ... I looked it up on the Asus website and the Asus MB does actually support X2 processors, the sellers website got it wrong. Yay, in case anyone else is interested my first post has the model number.

    Thanks and sorry for the misinformation
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