Building a new system.. could use some help.


Lately I got kind off tired of my current computer and I want to get me a new one. The only problem is I don't have a lot of knowledge in this area. And since I'm from europe(Netherlands) it's kind off hard to use the prices submitted here. But still, I think the build advices here are very helpful. So maybe.. you can help me out :)

I'm going to use this pc mostly for hardcore gaming and my budget is about € 1800,- which is about.. ehm .. $ 2700??
I build my last computer(4 years ago) at (you can setup your own system) which is a very nice site. Planning on getting my new PC here also since I don;t want any warrantee issues when I get my new stuff from a foreign country(had some bad experiences in that area).

I don't know anthing about overclocking, but I have some friends that do and I want to learn. I just don't want to take any high risks on a fairly high priced new computer. At the moment I'm thinking about building the following(all prices are from

Motherboard: ASUS Striker II Formula € 269,-

CPU: Q6600 € 189,-

Video Card: 2x EN8800GTX/HTDP 768mb (SLI) 2x € 289,-

PSU: Cooler Master RealPower M700W € 119,-

RAM: GeiL 4 GB DDR2-1066 Kit € 199,-

Casing: Antec Nine Hundred € 99,-

Harddisk: 2x West. Digital SE16 750GB 2x € 119,-

Including optical drives and windows this comes to a total of a bout € 1800,-
Any suggestons..???
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  1. If you are using it for just gaming then I would go for the E8400. A lot of people say that the Q6600 is more furture proof but there are not many games that can use four cores and probably wont be for a while. Also the Q6600 is quite an old chip now, the E8400 is new and will perform better in games. Also it can be overclocked to 4Ghz or air cooling which is fantastic. When quad cores start to make a real impact in gaming then you can upgrade then and there will be much better chips than the Q6600 out. That is a monster SLi setup but you might not see huge performance increase unless you are running a big screen at very high res. If you can afford that then all good but alternatively you could get two 8800GTs instead and save a lot of money which could be used for a better monitor etc. or furture upgrade. They will probably have similar performance for the moment.
  2. If you can, wait for the 20th for intel cpu price cuts. Save $40-50.

    Behold the 45nm quad power:

    What are the uses of the new pc? Monitor resolution?
  3. I agree on the CPU, go for an E8400 or E3110 over a quad core if you don't do things that make use of four cores, like video editing, etc.
  4. First of all, tnx for all the help! I did some more research and came up with the following questions.

    I'm spending quite a load of money on this system, so I really want to be able playing games for the next few years without having to upgrade it again in the meantime. I can't decide on what CPU I should pick. Isn't Quad core the better choice for the future?

    Also, you asked about my current monitor. This would be:
    V7 D19W02-N6 19 inch widescreen LCD Monitor, max resi: 1440x900
    So, I guess I am in need of a new screen if I go with the current 2x8800GTX sli setup. What would be the best choice? And will the 8800GTX sli setup be future proof, or should I look more in the new 9-series direction?

    And what should I run? I was planning on using the vista 64-bit so I would get optimal performance out of my 4gb RAM. Is this the best choice?
  5. Depends. If you game more than work, dualie it is. Otherwise, quad will help speed things significantly.

    Is the 19" big enough for you? A 8800GTS512 is plenty for that resolution. Or HD3870. No, 8800GTX won't be future-proofing as it'll be discontinued as soon as June. Next comes 9800GTX.

    32-bit would be the most compatible. You'd see up to 3.5GB out of 4GB.
  6. 2x 8800 GTX or 2x9800 GTX with only a 19'' monitor? come on...get a bigger one!
  7. thats not really helping :P

    i know i need a bigger one.. that was one of the few questions...
    what screen would be the best choice?

    "No, 8800GTX won't be future-proofing as it'll be discontinued as soon as June. Next comes 9800GTX."
    what are you saying? I shouldnt go for the 2x8800gtx if i want a future proof system? let's say i want te be able to play every game at sick setups for the next 4 years.. what should i buy?
  8. Get a 24" monitor if you want to make the most of your cards. If you only want 22" then stick withb two 8800GT/GTS cards. If you're only into gaming, then stick with a Duo instead of Quad.
  9. Just keep the monitor and go with one 9800 gtx, skip the expensive mobo and get the asus p5k-e one 9800 gtx and a q9300 (for future proofing) - that seems like the best option
  10. I dont mind buying a new screen. Actually i agree with these guys that it would be kinda stupid buying a crazy gaming pc when i cant even show it off on a reasonable screen. I think a Samsung SyncMaster 245B would be nice.

    Further more, I really want this to be a sicko computer. So i kinda like the 780i mobo i picked out. The question is more what kind of graphic cards am I gonna stick on there in my sli setup? 8800gtx or 9800gtx or 9800gx2?
    And what kind of processor would be the best choice.. E8400 or Q...?

    The most important thing to me is that i can play any game for the next few years. Including the monitor the budget will be around €2100 or $3200. What would be the sickest gaming setup for this amount of money?
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