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Hey so I'm on my third graphic card so I know this cant be the problem. I'm leaning toward my powersupply not being able to handle my card. Could be something else though, I don't have the knowledge to figure it out.
card is: Gforce 8800 gts
power supply is: Antec True Power Trio:

Ok this is what the game should look like.

this is what happens when it bugs out. There is a tear in the pixels/image, I really cant figure out whats wrong. The game will run, then lag, and tear some more.

Eventually it just looks kind of like this:
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  1. Artifacts and corruption can be result of excessive oc or heat problems. If psu isn't feeding enough power, it usually just crash the pc completely. Did you forget to plug in pcie power connector to the card? Or it could be software related. Did you update driver? Direct X? Do other games run correctly?
  2. It has 18A on each 12v rail. that seems a little low. Have you tried swapping with a different power supply?
  3. Sigh, right now I don't have a stronger power supply. Waiting on the next paycheck. Other games have the same problem, I was going to submit screenshots of other games. Right now I have the latest eVGA driver (169.44_XP65.exe), and I have the Direct X 9c I think :) Oh I made sure to plug in the power supply cord to the card right from first day, I even switch to the second cord (to make sure it wasn't just the cord). Thanks for posting so quickly!
  4. The psu should do fine with most system builds, if it's not defective. What are you other system specs? Did you stresstest with prime95 for stability under high power consumption?
  5. AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+
    1.99 GHz, 2.00 GB or RAM

    Let me know if you need more info :)
  6. ^^ Ya, have you taken the side of your case off and seen if it's an airflow issue?
  7. I've taken the case off :) I clean my computer about once a week, I've checked the temperatures and those are easily within range. Oh and my power supply is never hot. :)
  8. I tried the stresstest and my computer passed the tests (it got pretty slow), until one point it froze and i got frustrated and rebooted it. I'm debating doing the stresstest again.
  9. Well no change, I'm really not sure what to do short of switching the power supply. Memory showed up as fine, and the stresstests didn't show anything.
  10. Ok here is a dumb question. I see you say you have a Gforce 8800GTS. Which GTS is it? that is very important when it comes to your PSU. Also, how long have you had this card in this setup? is the card new? Where did you get it?

    By the way. What is with all the :) faces? People with PC issues usually aren't so chipper. You should be. :fou:
  11. oh right, duh i forgot to say that eVGA Nvidia Gforce 8800 GTS 320. And I try to keep an upbeat attitude :) blame the drugs and rock and roll.
  12. I have a similar problem with my 8800gts 320. I posted about it in the thread "video crash at least once a day". I see almost the same thing in WoW, but very little in other games. I found a workaround, its not really a solution.

    In my case if I run in windowed mode I never see this problem. I run it maximized so it doesnt look any different but I do take an FPS hit in windowed mode.

    I wont go into too many details because I already have in my thread, but the short story is I couldn't find any problems with my hardware.
  13. I get the same problem with Counter Strike: Source. not as grave, usually everything just goes the same color, i'll try to submit some screenshots. but I'll try the windowed mode. there HAS to be a compatibility problem somewhere (my guess).
  14. I don’t think the problem is the power supply… I’m having the same graphic problems with all my games as I can see you do on the screenshots.
    I’ve had my current system since Summer 2005, though I changed to another power supply in Summer 2006. Everything have been working fine all time until I tried the beta of Lord of the Rings Online before they released the game. That was the first time I saw my screen break into a weird ray of random colors of light starting at the center of the monitor and then taking up almost the entire picture. Ever since then whatever the course of it was I’ve seen the problem in basically every game I’ve played.
    I used to be able to could run WoW with all details on max and the game would look great and run smoothly. Now I get problems with my picture every 5 minutes or less or more depending on I don’t know what. It does however seem that I get those problems less frequently if I turn down the graphics in WoW and other games too I guess.

    Other games I’ve had the problem in:
    Age of Empires III
    Lord of the Rings Online
    Battlefield II

    Motherboard: Asus NVIDIA nForce Ultra
    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 / 3200+ 2.0 GHz 90nm
    Graphic Card: Asus GeForce EN6600GT/TD/128M
    RAM: Kingston – 2GB ( 2 x 1 GB) – DIMM 184-PIN – DDR – 400MHz / PC3200 – CL3 – 2.6 V – Non buffered
    Power Supply: I don’t remember… Some 350W that I exchanged my 400W for because the 350W could run on the voltage used in the States.
  15. So I'm stuck back at square one? Anyone had this problem before and found out how to fix it?
  16. What drivers are you using?
  17. EVGA 169.44_XP32.exe
    And DirectX 9.0c
  18. yea G80 is less power efficient than G92 so i'd say that the PSU isnt supplying enough amps to the card unfortunately.
  19. I'm using the drivers off Nvidia's homepage and still have the problem. Plus I've had it for the last many driver updates as well.

    Current drivers:
  20. Yea I've tried the ones right from Nvidias homepage and the ones from eVGA and I still have problems.
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