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Extending a Sky wireless network

Last response: in Wireless Networking
May 26, 2009 8:52:33 PM

I have a sky wireless network which is rubbish at best. I have contacted Sky who have told me that their kit is only intended to offer a wireless range of up to 10ft!!! I find it hard to believe that is all they designed the kit to do but hey.......It is what is is, and actually it only works up to a range of about 6ft, anything more and the signal regularly drops.

To make things worse, Sky don't offer any help on using other manufacturers adsl routers, they go as far as preventing it in their T&C's

Ignoring that, because I need a wireless network which extends further than 10ft, does anyone know how I can extend the range and which kit is best to use?

I have the Sky Sagem router. I previously had a BT homehub, and before that a Belkin router in exactly the same place and the signal extended throughout the whole house, and even into the garden. So I know that the location should be ok.

May 26, 2009 10:17:05 PM

Sky's fone-farm staff are talking rubbish as usual. A wireless router should have a range of about 50 ft (or thru three walls) indoors. Of course the Sagem and later Netgear models they supply don't help as they lack an external antenna.

I would raise the router above furniture level if possible and experiment with different channels -- especially if you can detect neighbouring wifi in which case move to a channel 5 stops from the strongest neighbours.

I would suggest you visit the independent where they know most of what there is to know about Sky-supplied hardware.

You might ask Sky to supply you with one of the older Netgear routers which has an external antenna.

Another possibility is to extract the user name from your existing router (skyuser can probably help) and apply it to an old style Sky (Netgear DG834GT) router which can be found at car boot sales for a few quid. For details of what's needed to do this see the skyuser site's tutorials.