Scythe s-flex with xigmatek s1283

Hey I got a q6600 with a xigmatek s1283 in an antec 900. O'ced my cpu to 3.2 with temps 45c under load. When I was stress testing my cpu hoping to get 3.4ghz with decent temps, my xiggy's cpu fan started screeching pretty loud making it unbearable when I'm sleeping. My question is how good is the Scythe S-flex compared to my stock xiggy cpu fan? Should I get the 800rpm, 1200rpm or 1600rpm version?
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  1. well fan speed for both my xiggys (S963 and S1283) made no difference for temps, so i would just set it at low, or get a low speed fan.. the fins aren't densely packed enough to benefit from higher airflow..
  2. I have a Q6600 running at 3.6 GHz with a TRUE. I chose the S-FLEX SFF21F as a good compromise between noise level and airflow. In an Antec 900 with case fans on "Low", my CPU temps are 61C - 65C. Subjective, burt the systems is pretty quiet.
  3. Hey jsc how much core voltage your running your q6600 at and whats the vid?

    Re: venom, So I should get the 1600rpm since theres not much difference in price?
  4. well yes unless you can't tolerate the low fan speed on the xiggy... i find it literally silent with the side of the case off... my (lowest fan speed possible) 9600GT is much louder.
  5. My VID is 1.2625 volts. I'm running vcore at 1.45 volts, drooping to 1.425 volts.

    The S-FLEX fans are all about the same price. Selection of fan amounts to a tradeoff between air volume and noise.
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