Hiding Storage Devices From Vista Users

I have set up multiple users to access one PC using Vista Ultimate. Is there anyway that when some of the users log in to their accounts they would NOT be able to see some of the drives attached to the PC?

I know it can be done with NAS devices (simply not map it for that particular user)...but how about physical drives attached (secondary internal hard drives, etc.) as well as external hard drives?

I also know about 'hiding folders' option, but that is not what I am looking for...I am looking for users logging in and when they go to Windows Explorer, some of the drives simply not showing up at all... any help is appreciate...
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  1. First link that popped up through google. I just glanced it, but it seems to pertain to your question albeit in a 64bit environment. It also fits with what Id initially thought might be a solution. Once youve restricted access, simply hide the drives.

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