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I have this memory:

It requires 1.8 V with 5-5-5-18 timing at 800 Mhz. I am running Q 6600 at 3.2 with these sticks. I set the voltage at 1.8 V with 4-4-4-12 timing. It passes memtest and prime test with no problem. My questions are: should i follow the manufacture recommended settings or i am fine with this new timing as long as it is stable. Is it going to cut its life as i am out of manufacture settings.

Please let me hear your thoughts.

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  1. You could bump up the voltage if it goes unstable.
  2. leave it as it far as i'm aware extra voltage will degrade the memory faster but baring in mind the average life of RAM even if it halves you could still get a fair few years out of it
  3. If it is not broken, don't fix it.
  4. I have 4GB of the PC2-8500 Corsiar XMS2 (4 1GB sticks) that normally runs at 2.1v and 5-5-5-18. I have it running at 1333FSB and it is stable at 4-4-4-12.

    Have yet to have any memory errors, ran it with Prime95 for 10 hours and thats with my Q6600 @ 3GHz and the ram at 4-4-4-12. So yours should easily hit 4-4-4-12 with no problems.
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