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I have a problem which is really annoying. The screen starts to shake, and theres noise all over it while playing any 3d accelerated game. Though on Windows display or somewhere else everything seems to be okay, but as soon as i launch any game, if you look close enough, you can see LCD's pixels shaking. This is really annoying and makes your eyes hurt after a while...

Tried changing resolutions from monitors native to any other, tried changing Hz, tried vsync and other configurations, but nothing helped. Checked fans and power consumption, everything seems OK. Tried both Vista and XP, and the problem is on both versions of Windows. So what could really be then???

Here's my pc config:

ASUS monitor VW 193D
ASUS mainboard P5KPL (Intel's G31 chipset)
ASUS Radeon x1950 pro 256 mb
ASUS 450W power supply
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  1. long has this been going on?
  2. Do you mean artifacting? How hot is the card running?
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