what do you guys have in your system tray at startup?

i know this is a little off topic, but really it boils down to how much CPU and RAM usage your stock system uses.

i look at some of my friends who have bought system from shops, and they have nearly 12 items in systray.

how many do you have?

i have:
audio manager (you know volume control)
Network manager
M-audio Control pannel for my fancy sound card
Foldinga at home client
AVG 8.0
windows sidebar like to have it own icon
and so does windows security alerts, which tell me i have UAC turned off.

obviously i have programs which open system tray icons when running like:
Live msngr
windows backup
bit defender ect.

sorry to pry im just curious.

my system flat lines at 790mb of ram usage but im aware that is variable by windows pre fetching depending how much ram you have.
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  1. I normally have running at startup.

    Volume Control
    Network Status

    Idle my RAM usage is about 1.5gb which is about 18% of my 8gb. I run no page file either.
  2. hmm. let's see.. I got Xpadder, DaemonTools,AVG, icq, mirc, window blinds ..
  3. Volume Control
    Network Status

    I hate tray icons
  4. I have AVG 8.0, XFire, EALink,HP Digital Image Monitor,Open Office 2.4,Steam, and the usual 3 volume, sidebar, and network
  5. Spybot Search and Destroy, McAfee, sidebar, volume control, LAN status
  6. avg, volumn control. Thats it. and this is on my pc at work.
  7. AVG and volume control as well.
  8. I have
    AVG, CoreTemp, SpeedFan, Tor, ViruaWin, ATiTool, Desktop SideBar on all my XP PCs at start up.
  9. lucuis said:

    Volume Control
    Network Status



  10. Tray trash? As little as possible: NIS, Network Status, SpeedFan, Volume, PVR Remote and ATI Tool.
  11. cool thanks for the replies. it seem like me you guys hate "tray Trash" as much as me.

    out of you guys stuff i really have to give +1 to deamon tool that really is a geat app. a pirates friend :oX.

    and a -1 for open office, why does it need a tray icon, also i hate to insult a open program but i is kind of lame when in comparrison with MS office 07 which has been completed to perfection in comparison OO feels a lot like Offive 97.

    how do you get rid of windows security alerts on vista? thanks

    really, thanks for all your feed back any more..
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