2.5" laptop to desktop IDE adaptor question

I bought an adaptor that is supposed to fit a 2.5 laptop hard drive and convert it to a standard IDE data hook up for use in a desktop. (I need the data off the drive) I cant figure out how to hook it up though on the desktop side I does not have the missing pin in the middle as a desktop IDE usually does. and on the laptop side it is possible to connect it 2 dif ways unlike only one way for a desktop IDE cable. Also how does the laptop drive get power? might be one of the 2 pins off to the side as seen in the pics below.. anyone know much about these adaptors or ever used them? thanks... pics of what I bought will follow



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  1. 2.5" IDE harddrives have 44pins, the extra 4pins is used for power.
    With those adapter you're basically converting those 44pins to 40pin for desktop IDE and a side plug for molex to supply power.

    The other 4pins(or is it two) off to the side on the 2.5" is for Master/Slave configuration. You do not plug those into the adapter.
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