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I installed XP home from an AMD image to an Intell system. It seemed to go fine,windows was activated and I finished installing drivers and programs. I installed SP3 and started to have problems with an occasional blue screen and reboot. I searched online for " XP Home reboot " and found referance to the same problem but in reverse. INTEL TO AMD in sp3 when intelppm.sys tries to load and the AMD system doesnt recognize it. I managed to get the computer to load windows and removed sp3. Now I dont get a blue screen but it continualy reboots. I cant even get into safe mode. I dont want to use the restoration program because I am afraid it wont recognize the new mother board and CPU.
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  1. So let me get this right. You changed computers from an AMD based system to an Intel system... correct?

    SP3 must have been thoroughly confused.

    You'll need your Windows CD. Do a 'repair' so the hardware will be properly identified.
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