Dead Motherboard?

Good day ladies and gents, I come hat in hand looking for an answer to a rather perplexing and aggrevating situation. I just built a new computer to replace my 5 year old dinosaur(amd athlon, agp, crt, etc.). Unfortunately, my childlike glee of having a new computer turned sour when I could not get said computer to post.

q6600/freezer 7 pro
msi p7n sli platinum
4gb ocz sli ready
2x 9600 gt
ultra 700 watt modular psu
benq 2400w lcd
150gb raptor
samsung dvd-rw

I believe I have tried everything known to humanity to get this new build working. Heatsink fan, 2 case fans and gpu fans work upon power up. The monitor reads "no signal detected". I first built everything inside the case, when this did not work, I built the computer out of the case. Tried 1 stick of ram, 1 gpu, cpu/heatsink with no noticible change. I tried reseating ram and gpus. I swapped out a stick of ram and then I swapped out gpus. Still nothing. My old crt from my last computer still works, but would not display on the new computer(both crt and lcd display "no signal detected" and then go into sleep mode). I have pulled the mobo battery and tried the cmos reset button on the mobo. The dvd-rw has power and can open/close when powered on. I cannot tell/hear if the hard drive is on, as the 6 fans(psu, case, heatsink, gpus) make it rather loud.

At this point I'm not sure what else to do. Is it time to rma the mobo? As I am switching over from amd/agp, I have no way of testing anything in this build save the monitor. It would seem that the mobo is the culprit here, is there a chance it is the cpu or psu? With all the fans and drives working, it appears to me that the psu is not at fault. Am I correct in this assumption? I left the computer running for 1-2 minutes, hoping the computer would realize the anguish it was putting me through and decide to work, but alas it would not. However after this, I noticed the heatsink was warmish which led me to believe it was not the cpu. I don't have any speakers and there are no audible beeps with zero, one or two sticks of ram. What are the chances both sticks of memory are faulty? I believe this further backs up my theory of a dead motherboard. True? Any suggestions, advice, words of wisdom would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Best wishes,

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  1. You mentioned that there were no speakers? You should have a case speaker that plugs into your MOBO. If your new case doesn't have one, swipe the one from your old case. This will hopefully give you some sort of diagnostics beeps. Conslut your MOBO manual for what they mean.

    Also, take a close look at your MOBO and video card. The newer setups have extra power connectors.

  2. Have you tried reseating the CPU? With my latest build, it would just give me a blank screen and I suspected the motherboard as well since I went through a number of the same steps you have. I took off the heatsink, pulled out the CPU, blow out the socket, reseated CPU and heatsink and it powered on.
  3. Take the board out of the case and attach one video card in the first pci-e slot and the cpu and cooler installed.Then plug in the power supply(just the 24 pin main ,12v and the video card), take it out the case so you have more elbow room.Connect a keyboard and mouse.Connect the power switch and speaker to the board and turn the power supply on and press the power button on the chassis(you can also for go all that and just plug in the speaker and use a screwdriver and short out the two pins for the power supply to turn it on).If the speaker doesnt beep beacuse you have no memory installed then the board is dead.Finally in the future do not install socket 775 processors inside the case, the fan installation tends to bend the board and coupled with bad mounting practices like not using risers can lead to the board making contact with the chassis and shorting it out.
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