Hardisk ntfs back to raw format

hi all :hello:

how am i able to convert ntfs format back to raw format for my 3.5 inch 500gb hdisk
i tried using disk mgmt to delete the partition but it still shows basic instead of raw..

i cannot format because it will be ntfs or fat32 sys, i need it to be raw just like new to be fitted in a dvr sys.
the problem was caused when i formatted the hdisk in pc instead of the dvr

thnxs for the help
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  1. Just to be clear: the dvr can't format your hard disk into a format it understands? In any case, I think "basic" actually represents RAW, so your hard disk should be readable when you install it into the DVR.
  2. thnx for the reply

    the dvr can format the hdisk, but after removing the hdisk from dvr to pc,
    pc dont recognise the hdisk, no drive allocation to it, therefore files inside cant be read
    by the pc? that why i used disk mgmt to assign a drive but it has to be formatted to ntfs.
    the rest is history as now dvr cant recognise hdisk, need it to be raw again

    now my dvr supplier claim he forgot to gave me the software for the dvr to read the files
    in hdisk from pc. i think the files are in mcg :ouch: , not common like avi or mpg
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