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Not much wellknown GPU brands

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February 13, 2013 9:23:39 AM

i am doing a project based on Graphics cards and how they are marketed and need some help. Our team is divided into 4 people with each working on a different aspect.
I am supposed to prepare a breif summary of some of the lesser known yet good GPU brands..
after searching google i found afew names
Sparkle, Powercolour,Vtx3d,Visiontek and club3d(bought a gpu from these guys after reading their products reviews)..

Can any1 with knowledge on this matter tell me Why are these brands not as well known as Sapphire, EVGA, XFX HIS?

thanks in advance


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February 13, 2013 6:52:31 PM

sparkle aka fortron source group aka fsp group may be better known for their value psu units. i've used them in the past without issue but build quality compared to higher end units such as corsair is night and day. a psu of the same size can weigh 2-3x more in more expensive brands (which is a good thing).

i am not going to say whether or not the listed gpus work as i've never used them before, however i can say that buying from a smaller less known company is a definite risk and build quality is often sacrificed owing to the lower price point.

i personally will buy nothing but evga gpu products. why? quite simple: i know everything will work fine, i have a decent warranty, they always come with more than enough extras and there is a trade up program in case i upgrade sooner than anticipated.


perhaps this is a better way of thinking about it:

lets say you are in the market for a cheap budget car. would you rather buy a hyundai motors or hindustan motors car? both are made overseas but one is well known in our market sector. one has customer support in our country while the other does not.

(in a perfect world) both should work as advertised. however one carries a higher risk. while some will no doubt make a grab for a cheaper product (which is needed to grow a small business) its inadvisable for the masses to do so in general.


of course, we all have our own opinions on risk. i just prefer that my own hard earned dollars go into a piece of hardware which is well known and proven to work instead of taking a gamble.