I need help setting up my internet

Hello Everyone,

I have cable internet(512 down, 256 up). And I have two different computers both of which are running Vista home Premium 32 bit. I need the internet on both of them, so I bought this router:http://www.amazon.com/Linksys-EtherFast-Router-4-Port-BEFSR41/dp/B00004SB92]. Unfortunately I noticed that I purchased the .2 Version. And the instruction CD that came with it only has directions for Windows NT.


1.Will this work at all?

2.Will it be to slow?

3.Can anyone help me set it all up?

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  1. You don't need the setup CD. Just unplug the power from your cable modem, connect the ethernet cable from the cable modem to the Internet port on the Linksys, power on the cable modem and then the Linksys. Connect ethernet cables from ports 1-4 of the Linksys to the 2 computers.

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