Moving Hard Drive to a New, AMD Based Computer

Recently my old HP computer died, the motherboard was fried and the computer wouldn't boot. The computer was way out of warranty, so I decided to build a new computer and place the old drive into the new computer. I was hoping that I could preserve the old computer, the whole desktop experience, programs, and files, but because of the new hardware Windows Vista will not boot. I've done some research, and it seems as if running Sysprep would be the perfect thing to do, but I can't boot into the OS to run it because neither the new or the old computer will work. Is there any way I can run sysprep from something like the Windows Vista Disk or possibly Hirens boot cd? Or maybe could I manually delete drivers like the HD controller and other motherboard drivers? I'd really like to keep this computer the way it is, and I'd rather not have to clean install and re-install all the programs.

Another idea I had was maybe copying the disk, running it in a virtual machine on a different computer, running sysprep from the VM, then copying that disk image back to the disk and starting it on the new machine. Would that work?

If anyone knows how I could go about moving this hard drive without losing my desktop, please help!

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  1. no. you must install windows on the new computer, then install the programs on the new computer. you cannot transfer programs from one computer to another.
  2. You need to purchase another copy of windows because that was an OEM copy and will not be valid on another system.
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