can the Q6600 support dual monitor?

im planning to play supreme commander, just were wondering if Q6600 supported dual monitor,
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  1. It's a CPU not a GPU!!! :lol:
  2. i as you can see im preety damn new at building a computer? lol
  3. I ran dual screens on windows 98 and a Celeron 466 :)

    Most video cards now will run dual screens. What card are you runing?
  4. I've played a lot of video games with 2 screens and im gaming on my primary but the 2nd is unusable the windows shift so you can only see half.
    PS i think supcom supports 2 screens
  5. @SABOT00...
    Sorry to pop on and steal the thread, just wanted to let you know that ECS 8800gts 512 is great worth the money, I have it installed and it is quiet and as fast as any other gts, no problems at all on crysis on high at 1024 x768 (old crt 17 inch..) lol]
  6. okk..... kinda weird place to put it. :D
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