Is my external disk dead? (Maxtor OneTouch Easy III)

Hello to all.
I'm facing this strange problem with a Maxtor OneTouch Easy III external disk (500GB) connected via USB. The disk was working perfectly straight for 2+ years without any problems. Due to my work my pc remains open 24/7, performing in heavy load quite a bit. Some days ago and while I was working with my PC I got some strange behaviour, like slow-downs, "not responding" problems etc and finally a nasty BSOD! Unfortunately I didn't wrote down the message of the BSOD. When I reboot I realised that my external disk was not recognized by the OS (Vista x86) anymore, and whatever I did, it was only recognized as an "unknown device". When I power on the disk the light indicator on the front freezes (the activity indicator of this disk is like a while light that goes up and down in normal conditions). If I turn the disk off and back on after a while the indicator lights normaly, but no activity whatsoever. I can only hear the fan inside the enclosure. I tried everything including a re-installation of Vista, unplug every other USB device except mouse etc but still, hard disk remains unrecognized. What do you think? A recently died hard disk? If this is the case I'm completely distroyed as it contained about 400GB of valuable data which I cannot recover from anywhere else (= ALL my work since 2001!!). My pc specs: CPU Core 2 Quad Q9300 2.5GHz, 4 GB Mushkin DDRII RAM, Gigabyte x48 motherboard etc. Any help would be more than welcome. Many thanks in advance!! Cheers,

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  1. Let's not get ahead of ourselves morboso. Have you tried the hard disk with another computer?
  2. hmm, a new OS installation isn't the same like trying it in another pc? thanks for the reply!
  3. Another thing that you can try is to pull the drive from the USB case and plug the drive directly into a computer. Sometimes the USB interface is the problem.
  4. I suggest taking the Hard Drive out of the eDxternal case.. I had exactly the same thing happen to me with a WD Passport. The drive was 100% perfect but the interface elecronics had broken.
  5. Actions I took on a XP Pro:
    - Different USB port: no solution
    - pulling out the power cord and connecting again: YES !
  6. I am in the exact same situation, moved all my files to the maxtor drive since i brought a new computer and delayed moving them on to my new system and now the drive does not work and i might have lost all my data since 2000 :(. let me know if you found a solution.
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