How can i open old system restore ?

how can i open old system restore from bios as pc will not let me go any further, stating operating system not found?
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  1. Operating system not found?
    Then you will not likely find a system restore anywhere.
    Hold down F8 during start up and see if you can start in safe mode, or if there are restore options. On some computers you will find repair and restore options in F8, but not all computers.
    However, you should fill us in on what happened prior to operating system not found; also tell us the make and model of the computer.

    Do you have an XP installation disk or the restore disk that came with the computer?
    Look in this forum, fourth post from the top, for the directions to do a repair installation. The repair will not erase your personal files.

    If a repair install does not work, remove the drive and install it as a second drive on a working XP computer.
    You can then usually recover your personal files and make a backup with the second computer. Then reinstall your operating system from scratch, with an XP disk, replace your backed up files.
  2. Ok its an advent milano laptop, atom processor , screen broke so attached to monitor
    was working on safe mode only and very slow loading on normal only to start screen image ( no taskbar etc) just mouse pointer, anyway had xp home sp3 & tried upgrade to win 7 but did not succeed as error came no operating system found ?
  3. You may be able to recover your personal files by putting the damaged drive as a second drive in another computer, then make a backup of your personal files. (take the drive out of the laptop and plug it in to a working computer) OR have a computer shop take the drive out and recover your files.
    You should have backed up your personal files before you tried anything.
    Upgrading is generally considered a bad idea, so reformat the drive, install a clean windows 7 or XP from scratch, put your recovered files back in.
    Sorry, the upgrade failed, that's why any tech who knows better will only do a clean install from scratch.
    You will need a XP install disk, or a 7 install disk, not just an upgrade disk. I doubt that there is any other way to repair it.
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