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Hello everyone, i am not sure whether its the right place to ask for help

recently for no reason my PC suddenly shuts down. It can happen anytime. I mean it can happen right after Windows XP startup, when i am gaming, or when i am watching movies. Suddenly my pc will shut down. I dont know what is causing all this. This only started after i upgraded my RAM and my graphic cards. Could it be my Power supply unit? cause it juz go "POP" and the pc juz shuts down. Its like when u turn off the main switch.

My power supply doesn't have the extra special 6/4 pin power connector for the graphic card. So i had to use the provided converter to connect the power cables to my PSU.

here are my systems specs :

Cooler Master 430watts, asus 9600GT, 1GB kingston DDR400 + 512mb Twinmoss DDR400, 120gb western digital hdd, 320gb western digital hdd, Dfi lanparty mobo, amd3500++ :D

hope u guys can help me, thanx
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  1. the minimum PSU for the budget 9600GT is 400W, I would rec a 450W PSU.
    I dont think its a PSU prob.
  2. Get a new PSU, a PCPower Silencer 470 watt would do well.
  3. Do not turn on that PC until you change out that piece of crap Cooler Master PSU. It's liable to take out your whole system. When you change it out, check for anything that might be intermittently shorting e.g., mobo, wiring etc.

    Buy this Corsair VX 450w Power Supply.
  4. Agreed, if it's the PSU popping, order yourself a new PSU and DO NOT turn that PC on until it's changed. Unless you want to take a chance with frying your motherboard, processor, etc.
  5. OK guys thanx alot for ur opinions, i will go get a new PSU right away

    ...having my entire system fried? i better shut down my pc now :D
  6. If you see this before you install your new PSU, don't install another junk PSU. If you can't get the 450VX then ask us for other choices.
  7. haha i havent bought yet, was wondering which brand to buy, is acbel good? junk as in like my old psu? lol dat is a true power psu, i dont really know much about PSU, its the part that i dont really pay much attention, till i get the pop shut downs :( . Based on the info from the ner, it seems to be one of the most important part. :pt1cable:

    btw this are the brands available at my local stores : cooler master, acbel, power logic, icute, enligh, delta and mushkin. Other than that needs to be shipped i think, cant find the Corsair VX450w

    so for the specs stated above, i shud just get between 450watts n 470 watts rite? 500 watts not necessary rite?

    i am a bit confuse between maximum power, real power and true power. Which is better? true power seems to be much more expensive compared to maximum power
  8. Maximum power, real power and true power are just marketing hype and don't mean anything. I'm not familiar with the quality, or lack thereof, for the listed PSUs. Link a site and I'll see if I can find you something.
  9. Hello zorg, sorry for the late reply, there are no internet cafe near my house

    OK so like u said, Maximum power, real power and true power are just marketing hype and don't mean anything. Ok i found a shop that sells the Corsair ATX 450w but its way too expensive, about RM399(US1 = RM3.30), convert to US dollars i about US120. Kinda off my budget, but if u think its very important to get a good one, then i wud find a way to get it, otherwise u can visit the websites below to see if u find anything which is good and can last long

    if u are unable to access the above links, try going to their main webpage

    at the left hand side are links to the pricelist(blue and red)

    also shud i get a 450w or 500w for the specs listed above?

    thanx for ur help
  10. I'm assuming that is the Corsair VX450. It is the best choice for the money and a solid PSU. I didn't see any others that inspired confidence for that price. That PSU will easily handle your PCs load. The eXtreme PSU Calculator recommends a minimum PSU of 250W, assuming it is of good quality. For a dual rail that would not be enough, but the VX450 is a single rail so all 33A is usable. The 9600GT 512MB only uses a max of 61W or ~5A, so no problem
  11. Okie i will get it then, thanx a millionz for ur advice n guide :D
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