Can't overclock Q6600 over 2.8ghz on my p5w dh deluxe mb

It's not that i can't boot up or cpu becomes too hot. ... it's fan speed. I have Zalman CNPS9700nt, and using Q-fan of the mb. As soon as i overclock my cpu over 2.8, the fan starts to run at 100%. Now, in BIOS, it says that BIOS will ignore Q-fan if cpu runs at very high frequency ... So, i think that is causing the fan to run at 100%. It ignores Q-fan and just set the cpu fan speed to 100% (even though temp is just fine) I tried to disable Q-fan, and the cpu fan started run at 100% even at stock speed.

Is there any way to fix this? The cpu fan is way too loud at 100%.
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  1. Enable fan control in the bios.
    You could enable PWM fan control or choose a different method.
    Enable C1E or EIST (Speed step). That would help also in keeping the temperature down.
    See here:

    Check for errors in Prime95 if enabling these.
  2. Even though it seems to be a 3-pin wire instead of a 4-pin, you could still enable PWM. I would recommend disconnecting the fanmate if you decide to go that way.
  3. look in your manual on page 4-36 where it says "CPU Q-Fan Mode [PWM]" There are two setting one for a 4 pin fan [PWM] and one for a 3 pin fan [DC]. try DC and see if that works. it also says some 4 pin fans to not meet intels PWM fans spec and Q fan will not reduce fan speed. So i bet it is on PWM and since it isnt a 4 pin and PWM it is defaulting to 100%.

    Hope this helps

    here is the manual link
  4. sorry for bring back an old thread didnt look at the date.
  5. I can't overclock my q6600 on the Asus p5wdh Deluxe board beyond 2.79ghz. Just locks up at post. ANyone have a step by step guide to setting these two for a solid overclock? I ma using a Freezer 7 Pro cooler and I asm looking to hit 3.0ghz.
  6. try to set fsb at the rest a defoult.
    i had same problem works just fine now with stock cooling btw...
  7. Still no good. Iffy CPU or maybe better luck with a different board?
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