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I brought a new 250 GB "SATA" hard drive and gets a sound similar to a fast clock sound is it a common noise or not. Can some one help me..
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  1. 1,Download the manufacturers diags if all is ok then 2,take it back to where you bought it and let them decide,hdd's should not make "clicking" noise might be the r/w head's hitting their rest point inside the hdd..:)
  2. Ya I thought the disk might be knocking each other.. any way thanks a LOT... :sarcastic:
  3. How loud is the noise? If it is barely audible, the noise is probably normal. If the noise is fairly pronounced, you have problems.
  4. Well-known sounds from a dying hard drive:
    but remember a 250GB Sata is too recent to have ball bearings.

    Also, run HdTune or HdTach. At the point where they observe the access time, you will hear the arm's movement.

    On HdTune's diagram for access time, points are grouped in a band which is the platter's rotation time. 10 points outside this band are normal, 1000 are not.
  5. And of course, read to disk's Smart (with HdTune for instance) and use the manufacturer's (more information would have been useful) specialized software to diagnose your disk. Free to download at the manufacturer's website, faster than shipping: do it before returning your disk to the manufacturer.
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