Controller or disk?

I've been having some issues with a drive. The drive in question is a WD 320GB. (AAKS if my memory serves.) Its been slow and sluggish for awhile now. Doing some digging, I've come up with the following odd info.

Errors in the event viewer:

1)The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk1\D.
2)An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging operation.

I have quite a few "primary" IDE controllers in this machine, 3 according to the device manager. One of them has a single device on it, in PIO mode. I'm assuming this is the 320GB.

Used speedfan to read the smart data. Everything checks out fine.

Used the "data lifeguard diagnostic for windows" (WD drive checker) to test the drive. The small/fast test came back clean as well, I'll run the longer test while I'm sleeping.

Frankly, I can't decide what the problem is. Obviously something is messed up. I have a 7200.10 250GB plugged into my first SATA port, and the 320GB is in the next. The 250GB is my main drive, and isn't giving my any problems. Can a controller have only one port go down? Is it simply a glitch and I should simply put it back into UDMA? Is the drive toast? My motherboard/controller? I'm open to any ideas.
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  1. I didn't let it do the full scan. The full scan is only the quick scan plus a suface check. I doubt a bad sector is causing the issue.
  2. Motherboard/controller is the (I think) P5k-E premium. Its also the wifi edition.
  3. Yes, a single port of a host can be faulty.

    A full scan is definitely worth it. Nights were created for that purpose. DLG is the absolute reference to check a Wd drive. It will check the cable and the host as well.

    After approval by Dlg, check your software. Cpu and Ram also have specialized tests.
  4. The problem is, it DID check the cable and host as well in the short test, and it all came back clean. It said the only difference between the short and long test is the surface/sector scan.

    Heres a thought. Should I put it back to DMA mode then scan it? Any chance it will pass in PIO but fail in DMA?
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