Old case 5 yrs old


I have an old pc case atx size thats maybe something like 5 years old.

If i buy a motherboard thats mini atx size i read it can still fit right? Would the card slots still be in the same/right positions?

Also Do SATA drives fit in the same hard drive bays?
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  1. If I can fit an ATX board into a G3 powermac case, I'm sure you can fit ATX into ATX.

    The backplane and slots will line up as they're standard for all ATX versions. The only thing that may be off is the stand-offs for the motherboard screws, but you cn fix that with a bit of precise measuring, and by drilling holes if they're really needed (you can get by without using every screw hole on the motherboard, so long as it isn't bending a lot when you're plugging things into it).

    3.5' drives have the same screw hole positions whether they're RLL, MFM, IDE, SCSI, FC, SATA or SAS.
  2. You are not specific, but generally any case capable of fitting a full sized ATX MB will also fit a mATX (micro ATX) MB. Mini?
  3. most of the time it wll
  4. Oh nice to hear that
    Yeah i way talking about matx and full size atx
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