Awhile ago I asked some questions about building my self a comp, got most of them answered, decided I needed to read this up a bit more. I've decided that it's probably better for me to just upgrade my current processor and anything that might need to be upgraded with it. I originally bought my comp as a cheap display model at some store in a bundle its a Compaq Presario SR1511NX, I have another similar computer I was thinking of doing this to aswell/ if this one can't . Both have about the same specs, 1.8 ghz 512 ram, not sure about psu. I was hoping to put in something that would put it up to about 2-2.5ish ghz. What I need to know is where I can find what I can put into my current motherboard that would do this if anything could and if I need to get a new psu or anything else. A new motherboard is also an option but not the first. I figure if I'm going to replace that I might aswell just build a new system and drop in the old hard drive.
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  1. Thats a socket 754 mobo. You could find a cpu through ebay but it'd just be a waste of money.
  2. Go for a new mobo and cpu. No point investing in something that is already 'aged'. There are some cheap yet quality mobos you should look into, which have newer socket and other improved features compared to yours. Usually they overprice older cpus because they know there is still someone who needs them, so you end up paying almost the same amount as you would for new model. You have to check out what is the wattage of your psu and if you aren't planning on installing powerfull gpu later on, i think 350-400w range should do.
  3. How do I know if a 'mobo' will fit my case? And what is cheap for one that would get me what I'm asking? Oh a new mobo means new fans and possibly new ram right?
  4. 'bump'
  5. Look here:
    I'm guessing the one in your case is a mATX.
    As others said, there is no point throwing more money on a socket 754 system, DDR memories are much more expensive than DDR2 right now. I would suggest you go for AM2 system, buy a AMD RS690 based mATX mobo ($60-70) & 65nm A64 X2 4600+ ($80).
  6. Oh ya... how could I forgot about it! Yes, 780G FTW!
  7. Ok from those prices this looks pretty promising. Would everything thing else attached to my current mother board fit on an AM2? I'm pretty happy with everything in it now with the exception of ram and a graphics card. Just the processing power is too low for some essentials I need, namely a drafting program I need for a class. I'm guessing the A64 X2 4600+ is a cpu and the AMD RS690 is a 'mobo' series. Anywhere I can find a list of those mobos? And what's a 780G? Still pretty new at this sorry for all the questions.
  8. I'd go with at least an X2 5000+ for your cpu, their cheap as hell now. The 780G is the chipset on the motherboard. It's AMDs newest and seems to be very good. Your ram will not work but you can pick up 2gb's of ram for next to nothing now anyways. Whats your pricerange anyways for this upgrade?
  9. What kind of GHz would I be able to get out of the X2 5000+ ? Or are there more variables to GHz than just a cpu? (Sorry if this sounds nubish, but I got to find out somehow) What does a 780G chipset mean? The book I have says chipset is the 'architecture' of a mobo 0_0 ? Price kinda rolling as I find out what's reasonable. $350ish is the roof of my spending meaning at that point I'd either buy a new bundle comp close to what I need or just make by with what I have. I'd really like to keep it bellow $250 if possible, to make a 1.8 GHz a 2.2 or more and maybe upgrade my ram/graphics while I'm at it.
  10. Antec Sonata III 500 Black Computer Case w/ 500W Power Supply $130- 30 dollar rebate
    CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) $79- 40 mail in rebate
    ASUS P5KPL-CM LGA 775 Intel G31 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard $70
    Intel Pentium E2180 Allendale 2.0GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor $77
    $346 before rebates $276 after rebates
    Use you old hard drive and dvd rom and you have a whole new computer.
  11. 1 Gig of ram is more than enough for me. How much more would it be put it up a step to 2.2 GHz? And what does the AMD equivalent cost? If anyone could link me to a decent place to shop/research this stuff I'd be more than happy to do this myself and double check here.
  12. go to
    the e2180 cpu will oc to 2.6 comfortably with the stock heatsink. plus it's a dual core over your single core. ddr2 ram is so cheap and performance will be much better with 2gb over 1. You'll only save $10- 15 going with one gb
  13. Forgot but its pretty important for me to keep using my current HD as in I wouldn't have to buy another OS (as far as I know)
  14. @wip99gt

    e2180, is that intel? What's oc? Original computer? If its only a $10-15 difference then I'll go 2gig then thanks.

    Oh, Btw what exactly is a barebones comp? Looking around and ran into a few of these.
  15. be cheaper to build it yourself if you want to try. a barebones computer has no OS, like win xp or vista. yes the e2180 is an intel product. If you are interested in building and learning about computers it's a good cpu to get because of very easy overclocking abilities. If you decide to get a barebones or the parts to build one you will have to format your hd. You can still use your old OS though you just need your code and the xp disk
  16. Yeah I'm always willing to try do something DIY over preassembled. I just thought it would be easier and/or cheaper to upgrade my current one to building one from scratch. I still have all the documentation from the original purchase and the xp back-up disk thing. From what I read I think there is more than one type of hd, correct? What should I look for to make sure my HD is compatible? If all a barebones system is missing is an OS then couldn't I drop in my old HD? Seems to be cheaper than building from scratch.
  17. When you build it yourself you can pick amd choose your own parts. A lot of barebones kits offer lower end gear in them. But if you are not going to oc much it could be a good way to go.
  18. Oh, just figured out oc stands for over clocking. Which is?
  19. Ok found what over clocking is. I don't think I'll be doing much of that. So I think I'll do some shopping for Barebone systems where I can use my old HD. But if the local Fry's electronics has something better in mobos and a psu I might try that. How can find out if my HD is compatible with a mobo? Is that even an issue?
  20. Your hd will be an ide connection. there are ide and sata hard drives. any motherboard you get will support both. Most barebones come with a hard drive which will be much faster, larger, and better than the one you have. One thing to avoid is any pentium D, celeron, or amd sempron cpu.
  21. Ok, a bigger faster hard drive does sound nice. Would I be able to transfer everything including the os from old to new? So ide and sata are just different formats or something of hard drives then. The current cpu I'm using is an amd sempron 3100+, reasons for avoiding?
  22. ide and sata connect with different cables to your mobo. sata is much quicker than ide. those cpus i mentioned are slow. A pentuim D at 3ghz is slower than my x2 at 2.6ghz. The ghz of a cpu doesn't always determine it's speed. A stock e2160 running at 1.8ghz will kill your cpu. You will need to do a new windows install on a barebones computer. With the rest of your info i suggest burning it on to some dvds and copying it on to the new hd. There is probably an easier way but I have never had to do it.
  23. Ok thanks. Any cpus you can suggest that would get a drafting software's recomended 2.2 ghz or a little more?
  24. Ok I think I'm going to go with this

    and I think I'll go with a better power supply unit. How do I know if a PSU is good? I'm seeing ones with similar watt's go from $15 to $50ish. I think I need a psu with 450-500 watts
  25. My bad. Didn't think that it linked to my shopping cart.

    This barebones kit

    and this cpu

    combo'ed together for $152.98

    Are the HD's they list on the bare bones specs ones that are compatible or ones that are included?
  26. Price is real cheap but quality is going to be real low. That psu does not look good to me. That barbones kit also looks to only have mobo, psu, and case. You still need ram, dvd player/burner, and a hdd. You need different ram than what your old computer has as well. I'd suggest to look for a better one.
  27. Hmmm... haven't found a good barebones kit yet. You guys suggested an x2 5000+ but I'm looking at the 5200+ and 5400+ and it seems like its worth dishing out an extra $20ish for the extra ghz even if its only .1/.2 any problems with them? I think all 3 are still AM2 sockets and I'm looking at just putting in a new mobo with new ram and cpu and keep my old burners and hd then upgrade them later because the barebones search seems to be thinning out. Any good suggestions for an am2 mobo?
  28. Ug, ok yet again I have changed my mind. Found 2 barebones kits that seem to have almost everything I need. As far as I can tell these only need an os, a cd drive, and maybe another hd.

    Good deal? Anything I'm missing?

    Oh, yeah got a new job so price limit wen up a bit and I'm also looking to build/buy a laptop for college. But from what I've been hearing It'll probably be buy.
  29. Just realized that it also needs fan(s)
  30. i have that cpu is bad. most programs wont find out the info like this

    and most programs will say unknown model
  31. Ok, should I just stick to the x2 +5000 then?

    there u go cheaper then the 6000 also 3.2 ghz
  33. gadgetnerd said:

    there u go cheaper then the 6000 also 3.2 ghz

    GIGABYTE GA-MA78G-DS3H, Motherboard, 780 G chipset $108 Shipped

    AMD Phenom 9550 X4 $195 Shipped

    mushkin 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 (4GB!) With 3dmark vantage for a limited time $80 Shipped

    Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower $130 Shipped

    Antec Neo Power 500 500W $110 Shipped

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 750 GB $136 Shipped

    LITE-ON Black $30 shipped

    Total $789 Shipped Before rebates
    -$40 in rebates
    $749, without monitor or OS.
    In a few weeks the new Graphics cards will be out, the AMD 4850 will be a great addition!
    This is Quad core, so it'll be good in the future.

    Whilst there isn't anything wrong with what you chose, they still need parts added to them, and the parts listed are overpriced!
  34. Hmmmm....ok. I don't think I'll need that much hd space I think I'll go with half that if that. I was originally only going to go with 200ish gig hd space. Maybe something like

    And that antec case is on sale at the local fry's for 80 something dollars. And that phenom seems a bit much,so I'll probably go with and x2 +5000-6400, any other model flaws like the +6000 I should look out for?

    The rest actually looks pretty good. Don't I need to buy a fan/heatsink aswell?

    Let's see that would those changes it would put it around $500
  35. The CPU should come with a HS and Fan, unless its a BE.
    It will suffice as your not OCing, and the Antec 900 has great Airflow (at the expense of no dust filter).

    The 7200.11 I listed has great GB/$ value and is exceptionally fast. If your interests ever shifted tro gaming the HDD wont be as big of a bottleneck.

    The Phenom is a quad core, but more and more apllications are goiung multi-thread. Which means the Quad cores will start shining in everyday Apps. AFAIK the PHenom also uses less power than the 6000+. It is also the cheapest Quad core I am aware of.
  36. AMD is allways the cheapest but a 6400 is a great looking CPU
  37. Yeah price is a big factor in this. I think I'll stick with 64 x2s then. What determines how fast an hd is?
  38. A combination of its revs (most a 7200, but you can get 5400 or 10000), its read time, write time and delay due to NCQ. The 7200.11 is almost as fast as some of the 10000rpm HDDs, but without the extra costs.

    Really I'd go quad... The Phenom X4 comes with the same heatsink as the 6400+, but the Phenoms TDP is 95W, where as the 6400+ is 125W. The cooler you can keep your system the longer it'll last and the quieter it will be. The Phenom is also the better performer in multi thread applications and better with video playback/HD decoding...
  39. So 7200.11 is the rpm? I get where your coming from with the quad I'm just disputing if its worth the extra $40ish, and its leaning towards the cheaper option. I'm trying to keep this fairly cheap I might even downgrade the psu a notch. How exactly do you overclock? Is it something you can do on accident or do you have to go in and remove limiters or something via program or hardware? I don't think I'm overclocking now and my current comp is just barely getting me by.
  40. get the 6400. amd quads look bad atm. intel quads own atm.
  41. I get where your coming from with the quad but I'm disputing whether its worth the extra $40ish. And its leaning towards the cheaper x2s but I'm noticing some x3s at or around the 6400+ price would those be any better than an x2? An x4 just seems a little too much in price I'm trying to keep this cheap, I'm thinking about downgraing to about a 450w psu even. I have an old cd drive I'm going to try to use aswell.
  42. Uh crud sorry about the double post didn't see the second page.

    I'll probably stick with amd just because thats what I've been doing most of my search stuff on and I've been hearing that they're cheaper.
    But and x3 is better than an x2 and an x4 better than that?
    be better than an x2 6400+?
  43. gadgetnerd said:
    get the 6400. amd quads look bad atm. intel quads own atm.

    Thats the same logic which guides the people who bought the 8600 GT, alot of them looked and went, "Oh the 8800GTX is the fastest GPU, that means Nvidia is the best in all market areas". The quads aren't bad, they really just dont live up to the hype. The AMD Phenom 9550 is great at that price, whats Intel got at that price to compete with it (Quads I mean)?

    I'll probably stick with amd just because thats what I've been doing most of my search stuff on and I've been hearing that they're cheaper.
    But and x3 is better than an x2 and an x4 better than that?
    Would [...] 6819103253
    be better than an x2 6400+?

    Yes the Xa designation shows how many cores it has, the Phenom x3s have three cores. AFAIK the fourth is deactivated and is usually not performaing properly. Instead of throwing it out AMD makes a cheaper tricore.
    Whilst that sounds bad the K10 architecture allows that to happen.

    Whether or not the X3 outperforms the X2 depends on the application. If your multi-tasking or using a program that allows multiple threads then yes, the X3 will be better and the X4 better than that.
  44. What would be the point in ghz where getting and x3/x4 would be slower than an x2 if any? I mean for the price of an x3/x4 I can get an x2 of higher ghz but is it really faster?
  45. boommeistro said:
    What would be the point in ghz where getting and x3/x4 would be slower than an x2 if any? I mean for the price of an x3/x4 I can get an x2 of higher ghz but is it really faster?

    Thats the so called "Megahertz myth" which has turned into the Gigahertz myth, that was propogated by Intel as a way of comparing processors of the same class in the Intel line-up (however how they put it forward sounded like processors in general)
    take a moment to read up on it

    Whilst increasing the clock speed on the processor does increase the speed you cannot directly compare processors using different architecture on their clock speed. Cache size, latency of cache, location of MCM and other factors play apart of the speed, not the Mhz themselves.

    The 6400+ X2 is a great processor as far as dual cores go, but the X3s and X4s use multi-cores.

    From what I've seen in benchmarks the X3 is great in the low/medium builds.
  46. Ok got it ghz doesn't nessecarily mean speed. Any way I could compare the two? Or would I just have to go through reviews and other's builds to find out?
  47. open the 2 and look at each spec.
  48. Lets see cache size, ghz, and there was another one I think. Any other specs to check?
  49. Well most of the specs for the X3 and X4 are very similar
    Sorry its not MCM, its IMC what I was thinking I'll never know (and why didn't someone pick me up on it?).
    The FSB speed, the X3 and X4 use hypertransport 3 (2.6 GHz) whereas the Athlon X2 uses hypertransport 2 (1.0 GHz). Umm thats about it in terms of what to compare, the TDP (power) is another consideration, but the TDP doesn't usually impact performance.

    Really the best thing to do is look at benchmarks for the applications you will be using the most.
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