Need Help Overclocking Core i7 with asus P6T deluxe Please

Happy Holidays all, there may already be a guide to OC'ing core i7 920, but couldnt find it readily, here is my situation....
Using antec 900 case lots of fans, parts...
Core i7 920
Asus P6T Deluxe (without palm)
Cosair Dominator ddr3 1600mhz cas 8 running at 1066 default.
Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120
Asus Bios 1003

Using Core temp 0.99.3- Idle shows 32,33,35,36 Load-54,51,53,49
also Real Temp 290 RC - Idle shows- 35,35,36,36 Load- 54,54,54,55

Last CPU was q6600 G0 stepping was successful at 3.2 oc.

Questions are... what settings do i change in bios this time to achieve a 3.2-3.6ghz OC with ram running at full 1600mhz the easiest and safest way... I didnt notice a PCIE setting to set to 100mhz like the Q6600 had either, I have prime 95 also to run it, but not sure if i should just do small FFT's and run it few hours for stability or use another setting that includes the ram too, Any and all information be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Shark
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  1. All I did was to set the BCLK to 160. I let everything else be automatic. This gave me 3.3 which was all I wanted. The ram got set to 480(1440) 4-6-6-18 1T.
    I don't think it matters much what speed the ram actually runs at.
  2. Download 0905 bios.

    Flash in dos not windows. Read the manual how.

    I got the same cpu/mobo stock cooler.

    Running bclck 180 3.6GHz, Memory 1440. Vcore 1.3

    There is a PCIE setting, mine was default 100.

    Enable Loadline calibration, and disable power saving features.

    Just play with it, if it dont like what you gave it it will reset itself. 3.2 will allow 1600 but not 3.6, the straps are kinda weird.
  3. wow thats some weird RAM timings geofelt :lol:

    why wouldn't you flash in windows roadrunner? i flashed my P45 three times now in windows without a hitch...

    i believe anand is working on an i7 ocing guide. or maybe they're waiting for i5?
  4. I have flashed lots of times in Windows without any trouble. Dos flash is just as easy and much safer.

    A bad flash in windows leaves you with a bricked mobo.
  5. This was my first attempt at overclocking. My goal was to significantly improve performance without going to the extreme. Stability and reliability were important considerations as well. After a lot of reading and experimenting, this is what I have settled on:

    Ai Overclock Tuner: Manual
    Intel Turbo Mode Tech: Disabled
    BCLK: 185
    DRAM: 1483 MHz

    Under the DRAM Timing Control section:
    CAS Latency = 8
    RAS to CAS Delay = 8
    RAS PreTime = 8
    RAS Act Time = 24

    CPU Voltage: 1.225
    QPI/DRAM Core Voltage: 1.26875
    DRAM Bus Voltage: 1.64

    All other settings were left at default values or "Auto".

    This gives a CPU speed of 3700 MHz, of course.

    Resulting temperatures according to Real Temp (calibrated) were:
    Under load = 61 C
    Idle = 30 C
    Board temperatures remained at 27 C to 29 C the whole time.
    I have a large, very well ventilated case.

    Intel Speedstep was disabled during testing, but enabled after, for normal usage.

    I was able to attain higher settings that were stable, but in the end, I was unwilling to accept DRAM Bus Voltage higher than 1.65, CPU Voltage higher than 1.35 or any of the other settings in excess of the blue range allowed in the BIOS.

    I would welcome any advice, and especially feedback regarding the temperatures others are experiencing.

    Mobo: P6T Deluxe, BIOS release 1003
    CPU: i7 920
    RAM: OCZ DDR3 1600 8-8-8-24
    CPU Cooler: Thermaltake Ultra-120 eXtreme-1366
  6. Hey bud, after long and rigorous testing, i disabled all things like speedstep and all other power saving, kept timing on ram 9,9,9,24, anything more aggressive was giving me errors, I did 190 BCLK, 1.3 Vcore, Dram 1.25, Mem Voltage 1.6, works perfect....
    Idle is like 36C full load 65C
    My setup is Asus P6T deluxe, core i7 920, Corsair dominator 1600mhz, GTX 260 OC black edition XFX, antec 900, and antec truepower Trio 650, 2x 150 Gb raptors, I benchmarked a few times with graphics and such, I seen that gtx 260's getting 14-15k with core 2 quads lol, I got 19800 and 20,100 with same graphics card, but using core i7 oc'd, amazing, cant believe how strong these things are, Happy New Year, Shark
  7. Hey Sharken,

    What are you using for cooling?
  8. Hey bud, I am currently using thermalright ultra 120 extreme... seems to be one of best out there...
  9. I just want to reach i7 920 to 3.2 or 3.3
    I just set BCLK to 160 and thats the end of it?
    my system specs are : i7 920 / P6T deluxe / corsair 3x2 1600mhz / thermalright true black / cosmos s

    thank u
  10. thanoulis34 said:
    I just want to reach i7 920 to 3.2 or 3.3
    I just set BCLK to 160 and thats the end of it?
    my system specs are : i7 920 / P6T deluxe / corsair 3x2 1600mhz / thermalright true black / cosmos s

    thank u

    Thats all. I have same specs, and that is all I did.
  11. Here's a very good guide I found...for when I finally buy one. =)


    i7 OC Guide
  12. You left bios mode in ai tweaker to manual?
    It had some other options too xms and another one i cant recall.
    My temps btw are 37-62 i ran some tests wprime,cinebench
  13. So I am running the Core i7 920, currently at 3.6 with the following settings

    Ai overclock Tuner: Manual <--- Leave that
    CPU Ration Setting: Auto <-- Leave that
    Intel Speed Step: Disabled <-- Leave that
    BCLK Frequency: 180
    PCIE: 100 <-- Leave that
    DRAM Freq: DDR-1443Mzh (
    UCLK Freq: Auto <-- Set this to 2x+1 of your DRAM freq
    QPI Link Data Rate: Auto <-- Set to the lowest possible setting

    CPU Voltage: 1.28
    CPU PLL Voltage: 1.82
    QPI/DRAM Core Voltage: 1.28
    IOH: Auto
    IOH PCIE Voltage: Auto
    ICH Voltage: Auto
    ICH PCIE Voltage: Auto
    DRAM Bus Voltage: 1.6

    -> Skipping all the DRAM Ref Voltages (They are all set to auto)

    Load-Line Calibration: Enabled
    CPU Differential Amplitude: Auto <-- Leave that alone
    CPU Clock Skew: Auto <-- Leave that alone
    IOH Clock Skew: Auto <-- Leave that alone
    PCIE Spread Spectrum: Disable

    I have the Domino ALC running on my CM Storm Sniper case, and on idle, I sit around 38c, on load, I never hit about 63c
    Hope this helps
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