Rampage Formula - Can I use either of x16 PCI-E for single Nvidia GPU?

Just wondering if it is possible to choose which PCI-E x16 slot I would want to use with Rampage Formula for a single card setup or if I would have to use the top slot? I know that this board supports crossfire and therefore in a crossfire setup the lower PCI-E x16 slot would be usable but if I was using a single card Nvidia setup, would I be able to use the lower slot? Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but I have never used a Crossfire or SLI board before and would like to know before I buy. Any help would be greatly apprecated. Thanks.
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  1. Yes. When using only one card, whether its from Nvidia or ATI, you can use either slot.
  2. Thanks. Much appreciated
  3. With NVidia cards and Intel you can use both slots just not have SLI so basically dual graphics for dual monitors. ATI cards can do Crossfire or dual monitor.
  4. On my DFI board, you can go into the BIOS and specify which slot you are using. It will find it automatically though, it just seems to boot faster when specify which slot the card is actually in, and then there is an option to power down the unused slot as well.
  5. Most bios setup programs on SLI or Crossfire boards have an option that allows you to choose which PCIE slot to look at first for the video card. That way, the decision to use either slot can help if you've got a cramped, smaller case.

    Trying to fit one or two of the newer, longer dual-slot video cards into a mid-tower case can be quite a chore. When I built my new unit with a quad core X3360 and twin 8800GTX OC's into an Antec P-180 case with three hard drives and twin DVD burners and a 1000 watt PSU proved to be just too much work. I went out and bought a Thermaltake V8003WBS full tower case and it made the build much easier.

    (Hoisting that steel case around and getting it set up on top of my desk did wonders for the biceps!)

    I loved the Antec case. It was quiet and would fit anywhere, but it was just too small inside, especially with the PSU mounted down in the bottom of the case. Trying to do a neat job of wiring would have been a nightmare.
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