RaM question with biostar main board

Hello guys new egg has a really good deal on 4 G of Ram http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820211188

Any way I was wondering if that ram would work oin my main board. I do not see why it wouldn't but I thought i would double check. Also I was wondering if would be a bad idea to run my current 2 gigs of ram for 6 gigs total . Or is better to stick with identical ram for all of my slots?

My main board is a Biostar( since I am not certain of what all the numbers mean i will just them all)
lga775/fsb 1066 MHz
dual DDR_667

and the ram I am using is Corsair Value select 240 -pin DDr2 Dimm 333mhz
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  1. Keep this handy for getting the specs of a pc:


    Google cpuz & post the ram amount & specs.
  2. its 1.8 volt ram, so I dont see why not.
  3. I already had cpuz, any way here are the specs.
    ddr2 single channel

    frequency 332.7
    FSB:DRAM 4:5
    CL 5.0 clocks
    tRCD 5 clocks
    tRp 5 clocks
    tRAS 15 clocks
    tRC 21 clocks

    $ gigs is the max windows can support with xp32 correct? How much can it support with vista 64 or xp 64. And will the new ram work with this current ram? Thanks for the help.
  4. It should work, but not at the rated 800mhz, since the board cannot handle it. Change out your old ram and put the 4gb in. Your 32bit OS cannot use more than 3.5gb anyway.
  5. I was thinking of upgrading to vista soon, how much ram can vista 64 support?
  6. I was thinking of upgrading to vista soon, how much ram can vista 64 support?

    No need to worry about that until you can afford to buy a terabyte of ram.
  7. Alright! well I plan to get this ram and also a 64 bit OS, any recommendations on xp64 or vista64? I run mainly the SC3 suite (video heavy, Premier/ after effects) and 3d programs, Maya, Max and Zbrush. There should be no compatibility issues right? Just to double check I have a C2duo conroe E6400 that is fine for windows 64?

    Is it always the case where you keep xp 32 installed or do most people run just one OS.

    Are there other problems like main board issue I should consider before going 64 bit? When i built the system i made it with upgrade-abilty in mind.

    Thanks in advance, the toms' forums have always been a great source of information from friendly people.
  8. Most likely there WILL be issues with 64-bit compatibility. Look up the software dev's site for this.

    You can multi-boot different copies of the same Windows, but you'll have to activate it. When you install a 2nd copy, you tell the setup to install it elsewhere. When you boot the pc, you'll see a plain menu of the installed os'es to choose from.

    IMO, the best OS is XP 32-bit. Period.
  9. The RAM limit for your motherboard is 4GB. You will be using the max. I hope that it works.

  10. Oh, i thought that was a physical limit on, at the time only have 4 slots and no 2 gig cards. Well it is kind of use less now to go 64 bit.
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