Intel core 2 duo e8500

hello people,
today i was messing around with my intel core 2 duo e8500 after receiving new ram. i successfuly overclocked it 1GHz above stock speed (yelding 4.1GHz) at a low 1.4000 volts. it has been running in prime95 for about 1 hour stable now w/o breaking above 51C.

does anybody know of anything cool cool to do with this new horsepower?
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  1. Play games......?
  2. thats obvious, i meant is there something interesting that's more 'do able' with the higher clock speed. most games are bottlenecked more by poor graphics.

    edit: that was for the first replier
  3. update: need them answers... OCing faster than these posts can come in...
    now at 4.22GHz...
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