Please help with Laptop setup for animation

My Kid is studing animatin in 4 yr collage. She is working there with mostly
Adobe premium package [inc. Ilustrator, after effects, 3D, premire, Photoshop etc.]
I wanted to get for her a good [15.4" ?] quick [should I wait for the new 45 CPU's]
laptop that can be chained [stealing from dorms].

Is there a package deal [like a Dell/ what Models ?] or can you supply me with a full
list of all needed items to have someone put it togather for us ? BTW, I thinkwe will need 2 7200 speed HD.
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  1. Dell laptops are very good indeed...log onto and click on laptops (for home office)...then click on Dell Inspiron can customize your build there...

    Intel C2D 1.73ghz, 250GB harddrive, 2GB of RAM, and geforce 7900 GPU..along with the 15.4" screen, windows vista and the dvd drive..... comes to ~$730.
  2. I'm a huge fan of ThinkPads. Great build quality and unbelievable customer service. I dropped my T60 and broke the motherboard along with some other critical components. I didn't have the "accident protection" or whatever it's called but they fixed it free of charge in less than a week anyway.
  3. The 3D part of the course is going to really be the bottle neck. Basically just about anything with a quadro card is going to be ok (newish I mean). The Dell xps look pretty snazzy and solid.
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