PowerDVD 7.3 Choppy/No Sound Blu Ray after Vista Service Pack 2

I was playing Blu Ray disks fine on Power DVD 7.3. Now I installed Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and tried to play a Blu Ray about a week later. At first I had sound but it was choppy and unwatchable. Now, I reinstalled my video and audio drivers, and theres no sound and the DVD freezes after about 5 seconds. The computer doesn't crash, just the picture in Power DVD freezes. I have all green lights in the BD Advisor and everything else works fine. Any advice besides screw Vista haha?
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  1. Lol! It may not be Vista's fault. Have you tried Reinstalling Power DVD? :P
  2. Look for an update for the driver, if you find one or you don't remove the 7.3 driver and reinstall.
  3. Everything is up to date as far as firmware and windows updates. What do you mean 7.3 driver? As far as i know software doesn't have drivers.

  4. I run vista-ultimate 64 , power DVD Ultra 7.3 full version..... Everything works fine.

    I have not updated to service pack-2. I will try it next week after I image my drive.
  5. One has to be careful with service pack-2. Until hardware maker release notes and updates specific to service pack-2 then its time to load the update.
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