can`t decide on graphic card...:(

I buy a system to last for 3-4 years with no masive upgrades. My system looks like this:

Gigabyte EP35 - DS3R
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
2*2Gb 6400 A-Data Vitesta

so I can`t decide on one of these 3 video cards options:
(I put the name and the best price I can get at my supplier - in romania)

1.Leadtek WinFast PX8600 GTS TDH Extreme 512 - 175$

2.Gigabyte NX96T512H-B (9600GT 512) - 232$ (technical question: will this card work on my mobo with PCIe 1.0, NON 2.0?)

3.Leadtek WinFast PX8800 GT TDH 512 - 278$

I`m tight on my budget even with option number 1, but still willing to spend more if it is worth it. please feedback with opinions on how different games behave on the 3 options. Can I play Crysis on option number 1 at a good level? please post relevant arguments, not subjective ones.

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  1. It would be worth it to get the 9600 over the 8600. As for the 8800, it would be a little better than the 9600 in terms of performance. But, if you are on a budget, the 9600 is a better choice than the 8800.
  2. but will 9600 work on PCIe 1.0? it is stated it conects with PCIe 2.0 port...
  3. Yes, PCI-e 2.0 cards are 100% backwards compatable with PCI-e 1.0 slots.
  4. the 8600gt is out of the question for gaming, you should look at the 3850 minimum. the 9600 will work on 99% of PCI-E motherboards, there has been a few cases in which it didn't (it will work on your mobo though). the times when it didn't work was when the mobo was pci-e 1.0a, all modern mobos are a newer version than that.

    at low resolutions and AA, the 9600 can keep up with the 8800s, so i'd recommend the 9600 for a "budget" option.
  5. eperdos said:
    but will 9600 work on PCIe 1.0? it is stated it conects with PCIe 2.0 port...

    they will make no difference for a single card, it's just that PCI 2.0 can run two cards at full speed will PCI 1.0 has to slow down when it has 2 cards
  6. well, my monitor is 17" so I usually play at 1280-1024 max (often on 1024 - 768) so low rezolution I guess... and I`m not an addictive for high settings, medium is just fine.

    but in terms of future games, considering how games developed in the last 2-3 years and putting this into perspective, will 9600 do the job in 2-3 years, or better put on 50$ more and stay relaxed?
  7. In 2-3 years, the 8800 will not really do anything better than the 9600. They are so close in performance, that it won't matter that far out. If you can spare the $50, go for it. Otherwise, the 9600 is a perfectly sound choice.
  8. At 1280 or 1024 the 9600 is very good....almost no difference compared to 8800GT ... this will give you an idea

    Note that those res are 1600, ... at 1280 it will be even closer to 8800GT.

    If you CAN spend $50, get the would help wen/if you buy a larger LCD...else the 9600 is quite good.
  9. yeah, looks like 9600 is a good choice. thanks again.
  10. eperdos said:
    yeah, looks like 9600 is a good choice. thanks again.

    If you're going to spend $232 on a 9600gt, might as well spend $225, 3 dollars more, and get a significantly better performing g92 8800gts. It comes with factory overclocking and a free game too. Also, after mail in rebate, it's $195.
  11. Dagger..i don't think OP is getting the hardware from the US
  12. Uhmmm, dagger, you might want to re-read his first post. (Hint = Romania)

    Another vote for the 9600GT. Just wondering, there are no AMD/ATI cards over there? How much are the 3850/3870s? They are pretty close in performance with the 9600GT, and if they are cheaper they would be the better buy.
  13. the 8800gts is 278$ so since ur limit is about that get the 9800gtx its 269.99$
    after rebate. i no its not the 3 u listed but check it out i have one all i can say its a really good card specially if u like overclocking. got mine @840/1240
    & yes it will handle crysis i got mine on all very high setting 1680x1050 with 29-40fps
  14. Just wondering, what currency do Romania use? Dollar? :p
  15. As a new member of the EU, I would imagine that they can use the Euro. They used to use the LEU/RON? I knew that he caused some confusion by listing prices in $, but I would have thought people would have been smart enough....
  16. we use Ron in Romania: 1$ = 2.3RON. we will change to Euro only in 5-6 years.

    yes, Ati is present in Romania.

    Gigabyte RX387512H (HD3870 512) - 268$

    so not a choice. +I presently own an ATI radeon 9600 pro (old one, ha-ha) and had some problems not being able to play some games at all (like max payne 4 years ago). so I`m decided for nVidia, looks like all game producers are developing with geforce in mind.

    thanks again for oppinions, I slowly but surely pointing towards 9600 GT from Gigabyte.
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