Which 6400 Ram, Gskill Ocz Geil?

I was going to get some corsair memory but someone told me one of the following would be better, that still leaves me with just picking one which looks nicest really cos I don't know arse. What do you think? your help appreciated!

G.Skill 4GB DDR2 PQ PC2-6400C5 (2x2GB) CAS5 Dual Channel Kit (F2-6400CL5D-4GBPQ)
GeIL 4GB (2x2GB) PC2-6400C5 800MHz Black Dragon DDR2 Dual Channel Kit (GB24GB6400C5DC)
OCZ 4GB (2x2GB) PC2-6400C5 Dual Channel Vista Gold Series DDR2 (OCZ2G8004GK)
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  1. what ever is cheaper. all maker occasionaly ship DOAs
  2. groo said:
    what ever is cheaper. all maker occasionaly ship DOAs

    Oh okay then, thanks
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