Western Digital Caviar Blue Purchase Issues.

Hey guys,

I purchased a SATA WD Caviar Blue with 16MB cache and 320GB volume (WD3200AAKS) from an internet shop and I received the Hard Disk home today as it is, in only a plastic bag!
I downloaded the documentation from WD website and it says that the kit should contain:

1. WD SATA Hard Drive.
2. Mounting Screws.
3. WD SATA Cable.
4. Documentation.
5. Data Lifeguard Tools.

Obviously what I got is only item #1 of that list. I'm not even mentioning that the package was some carton and not WD official package.

What's your opinion? should I confront the supplier as to the contents of the package that are missing?
I'm asking because there is no reference on the net as to how the product should be shipped to people and I'm afraid that in different countries in comes differently. I live in Israel and the shop is local, BTW.
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  1. Yes! Hard disks, no matter where they're sold, should more or less come in the same packaging with the same items. Confront the shop over this, and if they don't budge, then you can report them to WD.

    May I ask though how much you got the hard disk for? Maybe the shop stripped the package of parts, so that they can "justify" a lower price. :heink:
  2. Well, thank you!

    I talked with their customer affairs and I settled down for only the SATA cable, free of charge, free shipping.
    The hard-disk was very well sealed inside the original anti-static bag and it was very well padded inside that carton. Moreover, the rest of the items are less critical (screws? documentation?). So I am OK with that.

    Anyway, the price without the special delivery is 205 Israeli Shekels which is equivalent to ~54$. Checking Amazon.com reveals that there is nothing to justify since the price there is 54.99$. It is very cheap relatively to the price in Israel, though.
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