Fun problem to solve! Wireless USB Problem!

Hey guys,

I am on a Windows XP PC I built a year ago and attempting to go Wireless. Using a Netgear WG111v3. It searches and finds networks properly, then once an IP address is acquired it will connect. Upon connecting my computer completely locks up.

This is an issue that occurs every time. Instantly after connecting my computer locks up. I have tried 2 USB Adaptors, and even bought a PCI - USB 4 port and plugged it into that.

Upon further playing around I noticed it works flawlessly in Safe Mode W/ Networking. I have deleted all my anti virus software, deleted the drivers and re-installed. Connected to a land line just fine and ran a windows update. Still right when I pop the sucker in & connects, my computer locks up.

Please let me know if you have any advice or need to know more info!
Thanks, Save me from formatting;)
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  1. Check to see if it works properly on another pc. If so, you could have some software that is interfering.
  2. Actually it works fine on every other PC, I have tried 2 different Wireless USB Adaptors and they are BOTH having this problem on my PC... I have a feeling it's a software/driver problem since it works fine in Safe mode, any more ideas?!
  3. Hmm, try going to start, run, then in the box type msconfig, do a selective startup, and look and see what programs are starting up with your computer, you may be able to find whatever is causing the conflict there.

    Another idea, you may be able to boot into the Windows XP setup, possibly you can back up your data and do a repair install. But probably a last resort.
  4. Alright went ahead and ran several different Selective Start Ups... Did not find anything there. Also I looked at more services and I have not been able to find anything that would cause a conflict. I have a feeling it's a software/driver issue..

    If it helps this is my wireless history
    1) 1 year ago plugged in wireless adapter, worked great, then moved to a land line
    2) last week bought a wireless adapter, installed, when connects to internet it's an instant freeze
    3) bought another wireless adapter, same problem..

    I feel like since it worked the first time there is some sort of conflict or driver issue, however I can not figure it out for the life of me.

    Any other ideas?
    I am about to just blow up the HD and start over since it works in safe mode I feel like that will surely fix the problem ;)
  5. Like I said, since your on XP, you might be able to do a repair install and save your programs and file system, but still get it more functional.
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