1066Mhz DDR2 VS 800 Mhz DDR2, worth the Extra money?

Any opinions? My Mobo can take up to 8 gigs of Ram, I'm thinking of going for 1066 Mhz instead of 800. Worth the extra cash or just stick to 800?

Thanks for the replies
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  1. probably not, but I bought 1066 recently.

    how much of the stuff in your siganture line was "worth it"?
  2. No. DDR2 1066 is just factory OCed DDR2 800. Some motherboards (mainly P35-DS3/DS4) boards seems to have problems with RAM natively higher than DDR2 800.
  3. true enough. As for my sig I don't regret buying anything, but it was really high price (cough 9800 GX2 cough). The Ram was 50$ each for the 2 sets. I'm just thinking of whether getting 8 gigs of Ram or just 4 gigs 1066. But seeing as it has problems and its just oced Maybe its not worth it.
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